Ik Sprayer Multi pro 2

Cost:  £28.99

Date of Review: 22/10/2022

The Sales Pitch from IK Sprayers:

The IK MULTI Pro 2 sprayer is well known by its maximum performance in terms of ergonomics, ease of use and safety. It offers a professional spraying solution to achieve optimum results in a wide range of sectors such as construction, cleaning and disinfection, virus, pest and epidemic control, automotive, industry and air conditioning (HVAC).

IK MULTI Pro 2 is designed for maximum strength and versatility with the most aggressive chemicals.

This sprayer is particularly resistant to acids.

The IK MULTI Pro 2 sprayer has been designed to make the professional’s work easier, thanks to improved safety features at key points of the sprayer.

The seals and materials of IK Multi Pro 2 are particularly resistant to most acids, solvents and disinfectants. It has a wide filling mouth, ergonomic design, safety valve set at 2.5 bar (depressurizable), base for greater stability, coloured caps to identify the contents of the tank, safety lock on the opening and closing system and two spray nozzles (adjustable cone and fan).

Its translucent 2-litre tank allows to check the level of liquid inside.

The Multi Pro family is the result of the knowledge gained from years of experience in the design and manufacture of professional sprayers, combining the most innovative features in the fields of safety, ergonomics and functionality.

Source:  Professional Sprayer IK MULTI Pro 2 | IK Sprayers

What You Get:

A solid 50 Oz or 1.5 liter “useful capacity” semi translucent container pressurised up to 36psi.

Product Description:

A versatile sprayer with an adjustable nozzle for cone or fan spraying. The product is supplied with a couple of caps that fit over the handle to distinguish what’s in the bottle. A very solid feel product with a sturdy base. There is a safety button, which is a slide to prevent accidental spraying.

The internals of the bottle contains a solid tube which reaches almost to the bottom center of the bottle allowing for pretty much all the product to be used. The bottom of the tube also has a mesh filter to prevent any debris getting into the spray mechanism.


Unscrewing the lid exposes a wide open neck which allows for easy filling of the product. Markings on the side of the bottle makes for easier dilution and mixing if you do the math first. The thread on the bottle is sturdy and takes a few revolutions to tighten up which is a good thing.

From full the handle takes around six pumps to build pressure. If you over pump then pressure release can be heard letting out the excess pressure. The pump handle is solid and gives you a good sense of build quality.

Slide the safety button over to allow the top full thumb operated lever to be depressed for use. Pressing the safety button back over again over locks the operation lever in place.

The more of the product that is used, you obviously have to apply additional pumps to keep the pressure up inside the bottle. Use a few times, apply a couple of pumps becomes second nature with these style products.

If you have used the product all up the bottle will be under pressure. So the valve on the top next to the handle can be used to release the pressure safely or release the pressure for storage.

On other (cheaper) spray bottles that I have, the untwisting of the bottle top makes for a rapid release of pressure which is not ideal.


I would have preferred the adjustable nozzle to be a little more knurled which would make it easier to adjust with wet hands, especially with a slippery product that has polymers in them.

The nozzle is a simple twist option to adjust the spray cone. There is an even spray dispersion with no annoying drips once the spraying process has started.


These products work or they don’t. I found the large handle easy to hold and the spray was consistent on every spray. Pumping up is easy via the easy grip top handle. I also found that I didn’t need to put the bottle down to pump back up again. But, if the bottle is full and needs pumping, depending on your wrist strength, it may be easier to put it on the floor due to the weight and pressure being applied from the pump action.


9 out 10

Ease of use – 9 out 10

Finish – 10 out 10


Ok, why not the full marks?

The cost is around a third more than similar products on the market. BUT, that being said this bottle holds more product and does have the manual safety release valve. How often do you use more than a liter in one spray? I haven’t managed it yet to be honest.

The cost is the issue here for me, for a few extra pounds you could buy a six liter product with shoulder straps, lance applicator etc. Just putting that out there for a thought.

Would I recommend it? Yes

I would certainly look around for this product when it’s on a deal to make it more tempting. It’s a good performing product and well made.

Would I buy it again? Yes

If the price was right I would.


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