Mitchell & King Addiction

Cost:  £185.00 / 200ml

Date of Review: 8th November 2020

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Let me introduce Halloween 2020 

This year Halloween is a brand new blend from natural oils, waxes and some hybrid ingredients! A real beauty. 

We have made 6 Addiction this year, so please be quick as there won’t be any additional waxes made once this is sold out! 

Addiction is perfect for this time of year as we have carefully balanced the longevity and the super wet look! This could be the topper for your prep and take you through the colder months quite easily! 

Each wax will be numbered and signed by John. 


What You Get:

This is a limited edition six pours of 200ml ‘Addiction’ wax. Presented in the signature Mitchell & King presentation or display polished wooden box. The personalised plaque was made to ‘One Man And His Mustang’ Number 2 of the 6 pour limit just for Halloween (Winter) 2020.

The wax itself is held in a purple-tinged 200ml glass jar filled to the very top. Like all M&K premium waxes, this didn’t disappoint with the aroma. The wax was infused to smell like pumpkins, I think. Regardless the scent is quite strong and in a light breeze you can still smell it.

Product Description:

Like the sales blurb says above, this is a premium wax with the happy medium blend of a Winter protection with the wet look shine finish. The wax itself is oil-based and not the paraffin carrier paste like other top branded products use. The wax itself is lilac coloured which will give a warm glow if that’s what you’re after. The feel between the fingers is a fine oil film.


The instructions are quite specific about cure times and potential grab from the wax when removing. I suspect the grabbing is down to the ingredients used for the product to make it last longer on the paint.


I’m going to assume that the car has been cleaned and prepared ready for the wax application stage. In my case here, the wax was applied on top of the two stage acrylic M&K Bavaria paint sealer.

Like the instructions say I used a M&K premium microfiber white pad to apply the product. It’s easy to see the colour of the wax here. A very light spritz of M&K Quick Detailer to dampen the fibres of the applicator pad. It doesn’t take much to prime the wax onto the pad after a gentle wipe across the surface. Less is more!

These premium waxes are to be applied sparingly and in straight lines. I tried to take some pictures of the wax on the paint, but it’s not that easy to see. The only visual is the slightly blurry look to the paint after application. I applied this to two vehicles, black paint on the Smart car and a Honda metallic grey. In fact to make it show I over applied it on a couple of panels.

The wax itself was very easy to spread, and the wax can benefit from being lightly warmed to room temperature if you are in a colder climate. There was no ridges or high points during application, and if you miss a bit it’s dead easy to touch in the area. Oil based will not dry to a white powder haze like other top brand pastes, it just sits there curing away with an slight oily feel to the touch layer.

The cured time was left for around an hour before the buffing to remove the product. After a Smart car and a large Honda SUV I hardly used any product making this good value for money. From the picture below you can see hardly any was used.

Don’t make the common mistake of applying to much of these M&K premium waxes on the paint. 1. It’s a waste of product, 2. It makes it harder to remove, especially these longevity specification wax blend after curing. The warning or advice on the jar tells you not to over apply. There is nothing to stop you layering this product if you have the time or inclination to do so and would give even nicer looks and protection.

A great wax to work with and the smell is divine.


I managed to catch a plain grey sky at the right angle to the bonnet (or hood for my friends across the pond). The light shows the 50/50 removal.

Again a super fine misting of quick detailer (QD) is your secret weapon here. I used a 600gsm plush microfiber cloth.

The buffing was straight forward and left know smears or marks.

On the over applied panels the wax did grab as expected and was not the easiest to remove. Buff over the wax to removed the excess, allow to cure again and just like the jar said it was then easy to remove. If you have really over done it, spritz the cloth lightly and buff the excess off.

The alternative was to use a couple of cloths to buff the wax to a shine frequently turning to a clean part of the cloth. This also worked well but needed a little extra buffing.


Pictures speak a thousand words and this does just that. The wet look is there and protection from the blend. To be extremely picky I didn’t think the metallic popped for clarity as much as the top of the range “Lily” wax does. Then that wax is three times the price! This product is aimed at the winter wax protection rather than summer shine wax. Let’s face it, the first trip down the road and the car will get dirty, especially the UK’s winters. This is a special wax for the connoisseur who like his car to look good in the Winter, with additional bragging rights to a Limited Edition premium wax.

I do believe that the wax gave my neutral grey paint a slight warm glow. Although on the flat black of the Smart car it just looked like a wet black.

This wax works very well on chrome as well and also buffed up to a mirror-like shine with no effort.

The picture below is one of those reflection shots, as you can see it very reflective, although the Smart’s paint is not premium sitting on plastic panels.

Speaking of plastic, if you accidentally go on the plastic trim, this doesn’t leave a white mark behind either like paraffin carrier wax.

The next morning there was a light mist in the air so I grabbed a couple of pictures of the fine beads on the paint. The beads were tight and uniformed.

I was pleased with what I saw. Blowing on the droplets rolled them into a larger drop which just ran of the paint.

Rating:  9 out 10

Why not full marks? The simple answer is the application needs to be applied sparingly, as this particular blend is not quite as forgiving as other M&K show waxes when over applied. I’m in no doubt that this is due to the ingredients made to make it last longer over the winter months. So in that respect I have been quite harsh.

This ‘Addiction’ wax is in no way harder to remove than other top brand paraffin based waxes, in some cases still easier when over applied. I guess I have been spoilt by the superb “Lily” wax.

Ease of use – 9 out 10

Finish – 10 out 10


This wax gives a beautiful wet look as it says it will. It will apply a longer lasting formula to see you through the worst of the winter months.

A joy to use and great results for a winter wax. I would say that if you do go mad with the over application, it’s easy enough to correct although it just takes a little longer.

The wife loved the results and a neighbour said it looks “super shiny”.

How long will it last? I don’t know, but I will update with a answer.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes


Longevity to be advised soon.

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