Mitchell & King Armour

Cost:  £15.00 / 500ml

Date of Review:  March 2020

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Aviation Grade, High Temp. For The Ultimate Wheel Protection

  • Protect your wheels in minutes
  • Contains ingredients specifically for high-temperature environments.
  • Exceptionally tough protection which is flexible and heat resistant
  • Fantastic water repellency
  • Wipe on and wipe off, as easy to use as our QD
  • Amazing Gloss Enhancement
  • Ultimate Protection For Your Wheels

Armour is a superb wheel protection system.

It simply sprays on, no hard buffing required.

Once applied to the wheels and exposed to oxygen the ingredients transform into a tough and resilient layer which instantly protects your wheels from high-temperature brake particles and road debris,

Perfect for all wheel types, this includes polished and painted wheels. 

Your wheels will stay cleaner for longer and will be much easier to clean. Plus you can use less abrasive methods to achieve a sparkling shine.

Armour protects your wheels for months and is effective against all types of road debris and winter salt. 

Apply at least one coat to start gaining the benefits from Armour.

Please note this item is not suitable for matte effect wheels.


What You Get:

This is the 500ml bottle with the great chemical resistance trigger spray supplied with the product.

Product Description:

This is a wheel protection product to aid in maintenance and the cleaning of brake dust and road grime from all wheel types.


This product is another that is not applied by spraying onto the surface. You spray onto a primed pad and then buff off. The instructions says ‘do not allow to dry’ in capital letters, and to also ‘take great caution’. Slightly worrying to read I must say.


Spritz a little of the product onto a prepared pad and wip3 over the cleaned wheel. I worked on small sections of the wheel and buffed off as I went on. You don’t need a lot of the product to apply. In big letters it says do not allow to dry.

The right hand half of the wheel is the untreated side and is a little dull compared to the left hand side.


Buff as you go is the order of the day. A simple wipe over each section with an applied pad then buff dry.


I had no issues with the drying out as I didn’t allow that to happen. I’m not sure what would happen, but I didn’t want to find out the hard way to be honest.

I revisted the wheels again after I had done them all for a second application and the result were not that much different, but at least I know I have a layered covering. I did notice that the second coat was much slicker to apply and buff off again.

Water beads from the wheel and subsequent washes allows the dirt to come off easily. The more stubborn areas in the corners just needed a little wipe over with an old microfiber to help shift the debris or a use gentle wheel brush. Certainly not a difficult task by any means.

Longevity is noted as being months. I have wash the wheels a number of times and every 8 to 10 weeks I apply again. If particularly dirty I will reduce that time for another application.

After each wash so far the wheels have remained free from brake dust for a while. The brake dust will still make the wheels look dirty, but they are now easy to clean.

The major advantage of this product is that if the wheels are now easy to clean you don’t have to use more agressive products to clean them. Snow foam and a jet of water should do the job. If you do have to use strong cleaners, I would apply this product after use of those type of cleaning products.

There is still no magic coating that keeps the wheels sparkling clean all the time that I know of. If there were they would be very rich people.

Rating:  9 out of 10

It works and the wheels are staying cleaner, and are easier to clean. I knocked a mark off simply because you can’t let it dry and you have to work quickly to buff up. But that’s just me being super picky.

Ease of use – 8 out of 10 Wipe on and buff off in sections

Finish – 10 out of 10 glossy and easy to achieve.


Another wheel product in a crowded section of the detailing market, but this does what it says it will.

I think I would prefer a slower product to be honest so that you can apply to the whole wheel, then buff the whole lot of in one go. It just seems a little rushed otherwise.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes.



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