Mitchell & King Clear

Cost:  £12.99 / 500ml

Date of Review:  cccc

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

* 500ml – 5000ml
* Solvent based (tougher on grime)
* Pleasant fragrance
* Cuts through grime and dirt easily

Easy to apply and really cuts through the grime. 

Cleaning your glass is one of the most rewarding and often forgot about area of car detailing, a dedicated glass cleaner is the only option to get super clean glass. 

Follow Clear with Flawless (glass polish) and Vision (glass sealant) to really make your glass standout and stay cleaner for longer. 


What You Get:

This is the smallest sized bottle at 500ml which will last quite a while. Sturdy bottle and a great variable spray nozzle.

Product Description:

This is a glass cleaner and smells pretty fairly pleasant for a glass cleaners, but this smells unmistakably of glass cleaner. The colour of this I just love a clear blue tinged liquid.


Make sure the car is cool to touch and in the shade. This is primarily to stop the evaporation of the product from the glass. Allowing it dwell in the sun it won’t be there for long.


You can either spray the glass and allow it to work or soak the applicator and agitate to clean. The latter takes more effort but works. I have managed to wipe road film straight of the glass. Heavier duty objects did require a second application but that’s to be expected, unless you allow it to soak the bird droppings first. Then it will just wipe straight off.


After spraying on the glass allowing it to work is the ideal. Whenthe product is wipped of with a glass cloth here are no streaks. When I used a microfiber cloth it did smear as you would expect. Again swapping back to the glass cloth the glass was crystal clear.

I strongly recommend using a correct glass cloth to clean correctly.


The glass is indeed crystal clear and streak free. What impressed me was the fact after usage of the wipers during a downpour the screen still leaves enough product behind to bead.

The glass still gets dirty and the rain will help wash it down. The result are very similar to another products ceramics coatings.

Rating:  9 out 10

The product works and produces great results. The inside of the glass needed to two applications to remove grease which often forms on the windscreen. Once the second application was done with a clean glass cloth the screen was sparkling. The dirt comes of without any problems, the proper glass cleaning glass cloth is essential to get the best results. I found this product needs a proper glass cloth as the deep pile microfiber didn’t seem to clean properly. Swap of cloth was incredible and this product stepped up a gear.

Ease of use – 10 out 10

Finish – 10 out 10


The product works and no special steps needed. A pre-treatment of a polish first will make the glass sparkle. Very reasonable cost for the amount of product. The colour is amazing and smell is not overwhelming. Essential part of the cleaning kit.

I strongly recommend a proper glass cloth to get the best results from this product.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

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