Cost:  £13.80 / 500ml

Although I bought this a while ago they start at the 500ml size for the same cost.

Date of Review:  19th July 2021

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Add a Concours Glow To Your Paint

  • Real Carnauba Inside!
  • Exceptionally Gloss & Warm Glow
  • 250ml to 5 Litre sizes
  • Super Easy To Use, Simply Spray & Wipe
  • Lovely water resistant, and a topup protection layer
  • Reduces risk to scratches when topping up the Carnauba Glow
  • Very glossy finish and suitable for all paint (except matte)

Glace offers you a rich glow to any type of paintwork. Developed to help you achieve the best finish on your paint and to perfectly work alongside our natural waxes.

This is a Carnauba infused spray. You can use it to give your car a quick once over at a show. Glace can be used to help dry the car and add protection at the same time. You can even use this to dry the car after a downpour- especially if you have just waxed it…it’s happened to us all. 

We recommend using Glace in conjunction with Prive – our warmest concours wax yet


What You Get:

A top quality spray on wax which can be used as it’s own wax system or as a top up for the Mitchell and King premium waxes.

This is the 500ml version which has a nice trigger with a press through button to lock it in place. Much nicer than the twist nozzle types.

Product Description:

This is thin liquid which can be sprayed onto the panel or onto an applicator then applied to the panel. This is marketed as a stand alone product or a ‘top up’ spray.


The instructions are to apply to the applicator and whip in straight lines and then buff off immediately. But on the M&K website for the product there is a video where it’s lightly misted onto the car first?


I chose the light mist onto the car and I was a bit to close and had a little overspray as can be seen from the lower part of the picture.

The product base material itself is a watery consistency with a nice natural wax scent. This product is not a like the other big guys out there with their spray on versions of their hard waxes. That for me is an easy plus point as it’s not difficult to apply for results in a short space of time.

I did take a nice thick plush cloth and wipe Glace application in straight lines, just as the instructions said. I then buffed it all away with another clean cloth straight away without any dramas.


I found the flash point was about right to do half the hood before it started to evaporate. The buffing was simple with no white residue or haze left on the panel which can be left from other spray on waxes..

It was dead simple to wipe off and there was no need to rub hard to remove the product.


A very nice satisfying gloss and with the addition of more carnauba to your paint. However; if you are using a top, top quality wax like ‘Lily’, then this product will not be as good as the glossed, reflection finish result of freshly waxed car.

Rating:  9 out 10

So simple to apply with no residual product left behind. I did find that if you over apply and wipe in a straight line and leave it before you buff there will be a visible line of the product. A quick detailer to remove that then re-apply then all is good again.

If you can use a quick detailer, then you can use this product.

The only outstanding issue is longevity. If you are using a show wax then the fact it won’t last as long as a sealer then it shouldn’t bother you.

Ease of use – 10

Finish – 10


Mitchell & King are known for their premium waxes and are more the old school application; apply the wax via an applicator by hand and allow to cure. buff and admire. Not so much their spray on waxes.

There are quick detailers that will wipe the panels down. There are products to enhance the hydrophobic properties of their (M&K) waxes and there are sealers for paint. But, this product seems to be aimed at the thin lines line between a quick detail, and waxing.

For this product to work fully I believe this product will only be as good as the base layers of waxes on the paint. If you have badly prepared paint then this product will add a layer of protection, but maybe not so much the gloss. But it should add something.

Would I recommend it? Yes,

Would I buy it again? Yes, especially after the volume has double for the same price!

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