Mitchell & King Pure

Cost:  £13.50 / 500ml

Date of Review: 23rd March 2020

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

The Key to Maximising Gloss and Rejuvenating Dull Paintwork

  • 250ml/500ml/1L
  • Rejuvenates paint
  • Maximises Paintwork Gloss
  • Removes Old Wax
  • Gently Cleans Light Oxidisation
  • Exceptionally Easy To Remove
  • Enhances Vibrancy Of Colour
  • Enhances Clarity
  • Gently Lifts And Breaks Down Baked Contaminants
  • No Harsh Abrasives
  • Choice Of Professionals
  • No Dusting
  • Maximises Gloss and Reflectivity
  • Promotes Bonding
  • No Mess Pump Dispenser
  • Developed In Co-Ordination With Our Luxury Wax
  • Utilised On Many Super car and Classic Cars

We have won a loyal following due to our reputation of blending some of the most exceptional car care products and our pre wax cleaner is true to this rule. Pure is a crucial step in paint preparation and is the secret of many show car enthusiasts. Irresistible gloss and reflectivity can only be maximised by truly clean paintwork.

Our pre wax cleaner is an active deep cleanser which dislodges stubborn grime that can’t be removed with general washing or claying. Pure can be applied by a foam applicator pad or low speed (1-2) dual-action polisher.

Your car is open to an array of damaging components, which if left untreated can cause a multitude of paint defects. Common examples of these components include, road tar, industrial fallout, pollen and tree sap.

Pure is the result of a quality you have come to expect from Mitchell and King. It provides deep cleansing of the uneven surface of your vehicles paintwork which is not visible to the naked eye. These areas are not cleansed effectively by normal washing and decontaminating. Leaving these contaminants in situ could mean you are rubbing these contaminants into your paintwork when applying the wax.

Our pre wax cleaner is expertly engineered to remove stubborn grime which has been baked on by the sun, our pre wax cleaner will gently and safely clean the surface of the paint ready for the application of your luxury Mitchell and King car wax.

Our pre wax cleaner was hand-crafted to rigorous standards to promote the bonding process and ensures the surface is clean and free of contaminants which not only enhances the level of gloss and clarity it also provides the perfect surface for your Mitchell and King wax.

Regular use of Pure will enhance gloss, clarity and the longevity of your paint without the use of harsh abrasives. This is because the more frequent you use Pure the less chance the aforementioned contaminants have of negatively affecting your paint finish. Essentially, instead of the wax bonding to the paint, it will be bonding to the contaminants.

Pure is utilised by each of our professional detailers on a daily basis and they feel it is irreplaceable, this is due to our commitment to excellence and pursuit of perfection.

We feel Pure is one of the optimum pre wax cleaners available today, by utilising advanced chemical compositions and easy application methods we really do believe this makes for a phenomenal creation.

Once you have applied Pure, simply wipe down with a paint ready IPA to ensure that all the polishing oils are removed in order to present a clean surface. 

However, if your paintwork has a few defects such as marring, ignore the IPA and go straight to wax. This will help retain some of the masking properties. 

As you can see we take car care seriously, this is why we are trusted by some of the most honourable names within the automotive industry. Begin your wonderful and luxurious journey with Mitchell and King today, click above to purchase Pure and maximise your paintwork.


What You Get:

A 500ml bottle and a flick up top. A fairly thick product with a fresh smell that isn’t really one thing or the other.

The top seals well and doesn’t leak. The bottle is squeezable to allow the product to be applied.

Product Description:

This product is designed to remove old wax and provide a deep cleanse before the application of the next products or waxes. Unlike most wax removers like clay bars they will remove from the top of the peaks on the paint. But where the are minute marks the clay will not go into the low points to remove the wax or other products. This product is designed to flow into all the pores and peaks & troughs of the paint to remove everything.



As I was going to be using a DA machine, the small amount to a primed pad wouldn’t be needed. So by definition a small amount on a DA pad would be a few drops. But as I was priming the pad with product I added a little more than I need to on the first application.

Dab the DA across the panel to spread the product evenly before starting the over lapping passes.

You can see already where the product has been and has started the cleanse process. The gloss has started to appear after buffing off after three over lapping passes with the product on the DA. Pic on the left the upper part of the picture. The pic on the right the right hand side. You can see the lines where I stopped with the product.


The buffing to a shine was effortless and just like buffing a quality wax away. There was no dust during removal. I did apply the product twice just to make sure that everything was indeed removed from the paint surface. After the second pass I couldn’t tell a difference between a single or double pass to be honest.

The product didn’t leave any streaks or marks during removal. A nice quality plush microfibre is the cloth of preference for me. Turn the cloth frequently to avoid any build up on the cloth. With a nice deep plush cloth this shouldn’t be a problem anyway.


The finish was like I had just applied a wax coating. If you run your fingers over the paint you can feel there is no protection after the product has been buffed away. The paint was smooth and you could feel it was clean.

For deep or heavy contamination I would still use a clay bar to take the worst of the contaminates off. Then use this product for a more gentler deeper pore clean. Pure seemed to remove everything that was in its path without making a mess, unlike some clay bars.

Rating:  9 out 10

Why not top marks? Well I think that the product is for a more thorough but gentler clean of the paintwork. As my car didn’t have any deep contaminates I couldn’t see if my theory was true.

Ease of use – 10

Finish – 10


Lets face it, we don’t remove all waxes and prep products from the car all the time. Maybe once at most a year. You are using such small amounts of the product this will last you a fair while.

Pure gave a great finish as you can see almost like a waxed layer, all be it a cheaper wax finish. The prepared finish was an ideal start for the wax, seal or glaze step(s). I would still recommend that the car is clayed first if the paint is very contaminated, then go over with this product on a DA.

To DA a car with contaminates will just reapply the debris back over the paint giving tiny faint pigtails in the paint.

This is a very easy product to apply with a DA, but rubbing a few times by hand will still do the job, but it will take longer.

I liked the concept of a liquid wax remover over a clay bar. The alternative could always be 70% Isopropanol Alcohol and 30% water, that also works.

Would I recommend it? Yes, a more civilised way to remove wax and coatings.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but the product will last a long time.

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