Mitchell & King Quick Detailer

Cost:  £13.00 / 500ml

Date of Review: 6th June 2020

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Reduce the risk of scratches and get volumes of gloss! 

  • 500ml to 5 Litre sizes
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Cologne Fragranced
  • Range of Colours
  • Reduces risk to scratches when drying, waxing or removing residue
  • Adds Protection
  • Use To Dry The Car, Dampen Polishing Pads & Help To Apply/Remove Wax
  • Very glossy finish and suitable for all paint (except matte)

The Story

With 9 years of sales behind it’s belt, QD has proven to be a superb performer. The reviews speak for themselves. 


What You Get:

Sturdy bottle with a nice chemical resistant trigger small spray trigger. The on/off button is a slide style from one side to the other.

Opaque liquid with the consistency of water that has a pleasant scent to it’s but not over the top.

Product Description:

A spray to remove fingerprints, light dust. This can also be used to mist any drying towels, buffing pads, applicators etc. the idea is that he QD will offer a barrier to the paintwork.



The mist from this spray is super fine and will blow away in breeze before it hits the bodywork. The instructions says to spray to an applicator and wipe in straight parallel lines to remove what ever it is to remove. I found that a light mist over the panel was just as effective.


Dead simple just wipe off and buff to a streak and mirror like finish. This does come into it’s own when removing old wax build up.


I would say that this product is more of a gloss enhancer than a Quick Detail cleaner.

Why do I say that? This is a delicate product and will remove very light debris and dust or finger prints. I found that this struggled with anything more than mild dust build up. At a car show I would say a couple of applications throughout the day will keep the car in peak condition for gloss.

If I was to turn up at a car show with a bit of road grime on the car, I wouldn’t use this product I would use a heavier product, like some of the other off the shelf top brands Quick Detailers. I have reviewed plenty of those on this site too.

The results that this gives after a misting and buff is nothing short of sprayable gloss. The evaporation is fast so little areas and buff as you go along.

Rating:  9 out 10

So I gave this a nine purely on the fact it doesn’t seem to be a heavy duty quick detailer. This is aimed at the the car is clean so lets keep it topped up. Most marketed quick detailers are there to clean and give shine.

This is a very versatile product and is used as a prep for pads, drying towels, drying towels and so on.

Ease of use – 10 out 10

Finish – 10 out 10


There are better quick detailer ‘cleaners’ out there to remove heavier debris on the car. I would get the worst of with other products then apply this as the shine after or final top up.

This works wonderfully and produces a crisp clean shine. The depth of gloss is amazing.

I would say that this product is a final ‘delicate’ clean and sparkle for car show inspection, rather than a quick wipe over cleaner. I like this product, I like it a lot. But you will just need to be careful when you use it. This Quick Detail will give you great results every time and will apply a layer of protection as well while you are at it.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes, definitely.

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