Mitchell & King Rinse

Cost:  £15.00 / 1ltr

Date of Review: 

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Hydrophobic Rinse Aid – brand new super strength 1:100!!

  • 1000ml & 5 litre
  • Effectively Gets Rid Of Pooling Water
  • Dry Your Car Safely
  • Gentle, Doesn’t Damage Wax Coating
  • Displaces Large Amounts Of Water Quickly
  • Hydrophobic Coating Remains After Drying
  • High Dilution Ratio 1:100
  • Comes full strength, you can dilute 1:100
  • 10ml per 1000ml 

A car detailing rinse aid is a phenomenal assistant when drying your car, it reduces the amount you touch your car- thus reducing wash marring.

Simply wash your car as normal, hose off the residual soap and then spray your diluted Rinse and watch the water disperse. Each droplet of Rinse forces water from the paintwork. You can buff off the water to present a lovely hydrophobic rinse air.

The perfect addition for any enthusiast or professional. 

Wash the car as normal, rinse the shampoo to avoid drying and then spray the car down with the diluted Rinse : prepare the solution before you rinse the car as this will avoid water sitting on the paint for any longer than needed. Then simply dry the car as normal. If you do panel by panel just spray the paintwork once you’ve rinsed off the shampoo. 

Rinse is safe on all exterior surfaces, we recommend keeping it away from windscreens as it may smear. For windscreens always use a specific rain repellent such as Vision which is made for glass and is non smear. 


What You Get:

A product that can be used neat or diluted depending on needs. One litre could make up to twenty litres of the recommended dilution.

Product Description:

This product is designed to disperse water from the surface. This will avoid the requirement to use a drying towel. In turn this avoids less opportunity to marr the paintwork.


Risnse, wash rinse the car as normal. Instead of drying this is sprayed onto the car which should disperse the water ready for a buff dry.


This is the Rinse diluted down to 1:20 as recommended.

Spray onto the car and the water reacts and runs off. Buff what is left to a shine.


To be brutally honest I didn’t like it. Not because it didn’t work, but because you have to buff the car after it anyway or a few stray water drop will leave you with a few marks.

It will help to reduce water spots and water streaks. The quality of your spray head will determime the results. If you have a super fine mist then this will work better than a dribbling or a squirting jet of product.

This can be used neat as well. However using it neat is quite strong and will start to remove the wax you already have on the car. So for a wax stripper use this a few times maybe?

You also have to work quickly and should not be allowed to dry on the paintwork, which is the whole point to dry the car.


It sort of worked on the paint. It works on hydrophobic properties. I found that it didn’t do too much for me and I will use it to be a post rinse on the car. I worked better on the Smart car which has a cloth roof cover which does not naturally runoff water.

For what the product is developed for it does what it should and I can’t fault that. But it’s an additional step I could bypass. Perhaps on a daily driver then it would be a quick wash and go scenario.

Rating:  8 out of 10

The product works, but it doesn’t suit me so I can’t mark it down because I can’t get on with it. I found it a bit of a performance.

Ease of use – 8 out 10

Finish – 9 out 10


Designed to promote touchless drying and of course that is a good thing. For me rather than drying with a product I would rather use a drying towel. Put it’s all down to personal preference.

A very economical and long last product for the price. If diluted to 15:1 this would only cost you a £1 per litre, so it’s worth the cost and a good value.

I’m not really a lover of the rinse aid products by any manufacturer, but this is on a par with all the others for functionality, not outstanding above all the others.

If you like these products then yes go ahead and buy it, but for me the only reason I won’t recommend or buy it again is because I don’t like the extra step.

Would I recommend it? No.

Would I buy it again? No.

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