Mitchell & King Seal v2

Cost:  £14.90 / 500ml

Date of Review: 8th February 2020

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Long Term Spray Sealant

  • Protect your paint in minutes
  • Contains Natural Plant & Animal Waxes, Enhanced By Modern luxury Ingredients
  • Handy 150ml, 500ml & 1000ml size
  • Spray on liquid, cures hard!
  • Fantastic water repellency
  • Spray on and wipe off, as easy to use as our QD
  • Unmatched Gloss Enhancement
  • Additional Protection For Your Paint

Seal is our sprayable paint sealant, offering you additional protection for your paint within a few minutes. 

Seal is applied before any wax layers and can be applied after Sealants, or used after a wash to top up the protection.


What You Get:

A great quality trigger spray supplied with the bottle.

Product Description:

As the sales pitch above says this is to protect the paint before any application of waxes etc. The product is a clear liquid with the consistency of water or quick detailer.

There are two sealers available from Mitchell and King, the gloss carnuba base type and this one which dries hard. I wanted a more substantial coat rather than a wax sealer.



The directions in this case says to spray the microfiber then buff onto the paintwork until it’s clear.

I tried to take a couple photos of the product on the paint but it didn’t show up. But I can say that it looked like a super fine misting being applied to the surface.


The removal is the same as the application really. The buffing is part of the application process and will buff away to nothing.


well it applies, it buffs of super easy and it leaves a smooth surface. There is no need to allow to cure.

The surgace looked shiny still and was hazed by the application of the product. It was dry to the touch.

The claim it dries hard is difficult to varify to be honest. It doesn’t form a barrier you can see, apart from the gloss retention. But any coating that protects the paint before wax is a good thing.

Rating:  9 out 10

I don’t know how to rate this to be honest. So I have rated very harshly. I can’t confirm the longevity or effectiveness of the sealant. Once wax is applied the hydrophobic properties are also in place. I applied a couple of droplets to the surface and it did run of the sealer. In that respect the claims are upheld.

The product applies and does what it says. It dried hard yes and dry to the touch after apllication. So the surface was ready for wax layers.

Ease of use – 10 out of 10 wipe on super easy to buff off.

Finish – 9 out of 10 dries instantly.


A paint protection layer. How long does it last? According to M&K it’s 3 to 4 months. I have no reason to doubt that on a show car, on a regularly rained on or washed car I suspect reduction of that time.

This is a gloss enhancer and protection product. More for well looked after daily. There are plenty of waxes out there that are designed for longevity protection. So in a way this could be an obsolete step. But any additional protection is a bonus.

Would I recommend it? Yes. For additional protection.

Would I buy it again? Yes. Perhaps on a sale basis as it’s not an essential product when using long lasting waxes.



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