Mitchell & King Wax+

Cost:  £14.55 / 500ml

Date of Review: 28th June 2020

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Boost the longevity & gloss of any wax.

  • 500ml/1000ml & 5000ml
  • Easy to use, spray on and wipe off
  • Si02 hybrid 
  • Compatible with every M&K wax
  • Enhance Gloss
  • Enhance Hydrophobicity 
  • Boost Longevity

Love your wax?

Here are Mitchell and King, we love wax and everything that goes with it. This is why we are releasing a hybrid boost spray. Think of it as an octane booster for your car.

Boost the looks 

As car enthusiasts, we are always looking for the best finish and with wax+ we feel this is a great way to keep your wax going for as long as possible. You can use wax+ as often as you like and 1 single application will last up to 8 months. 

Added Longevity

Since wax+ has been developed we have been testing it in as many environments as possible to ensure it is absolutely perfect. 


Si02 is one of Earth’s most abundant resources and has been around since the beginning of time. It is important to use that every product has a soul and there aren’t many items on Earth that have been around for as long. 

Top Up Today

Placing your order today means that within the next few days you will be applying wax+ to your car and witnessing the benefits, for now, we are only releasing 50 bottles so please be quick. 


What You Get:

The liquid is the consistency of water and does not smell of anything. The bottle is sturdy and and the trigger is a variable spray design.

Product Description:

This is not like a quick detailer which will clean a car. Nor is this like a sprayable wax as such. This product is designed to boost the already applied product. This is to apply a hybrid layer to protect the wax or a little quick top up in between waxes. This is released in limited numbers for some reason.

It is alleged that a single application can last up to eight months. This is of course is based on the conditions that the car is kept in.



I have assumed that the car is cleaned and waxed to your requirements. As the instructions say this is so easy to apply to a cool (temperature wise) and shaded car. Spray onto the applicator and wipe in a straight line onto a small section at a time. It’s a little difficult to see where you have been as the application only shows up as a wet area of the panel. Do not allow to dry and wipe / buff off immediately.


Very simple and leaves no streaks or lines, just buff with a quality soft microfibre for a top quality shine. There is no residue, streaks or patchy marks left on the panel after buffing.

The application does not need to cure and is dry to the touch after buffing to a shine. As this dries (flash point) pretty quickly I suggest doing half a door or so at a time and buff. That way the product can’t dry out and you can easily overlap. The rook on the CR-V I applied in thirds, on each side of the car, so six portions if you like.

It sounds like a bit of a pain to keep doing in smaller section but at least you get the results.


The shine was just like it had been waxed. Then of course I had already used M&K’s Haruko wax previously for the shine. After a couple of weeks without washing, the car still looks shiny after being rained on with a layer of road grime built up.

Depth of shine is very good and you can clearly see houses up the road in the reflection on the car.

Quite how this would look like on an average wax I’m not sure. But I suspect that as this is a gloss booster it will fine as the silicon ingredients will provide an even gloss layer and covering.

After two weeks of exposure the Wax+ was holding up very well. The water beading is still amazing. You can still see the shine between the beads.

Rating:  9 out of 10

If this had a less of a claim less than eight months say three or so, then maybe I would give it a 10, even with the fast flash point. But, I will need to check the longevity of the claim to give it full marks.

Ease of use10 out 10

Finish10 out 10


This is great quick and very easy application in small sections. For me the nine score is down to the fact i would prefer the evaporation to be slowed down so you can cover a complete panel in one go before having to buff off.

I would seriously suggest that you get the good shine with a wax and then this as a top up or final coating. But, if you are using some serious quality wax then this will not increase the shine as such, maybe diminish it on something like Lily. The product will form a protective layer over the top of the wax to keep the gloss in and is fully compatible with all the Mitchell & king’s products. It will also add an artificial protection of silicon and not a natural carnauba shine. To many they won’t notice, but the additional beading is always good if you are going for the show car look and not the beading in the first place.

I would say this more of looking after a high quality daily driver to keep it looking its best. The cost of this makes it extremely good value. Even it doesn’t last for eight months and only four, then adding more layers won’t hurt the wax or your wallet.

The silicon should make it easier to wash the grime off the car as it won’t be able to stick to the wax or paint. That’s the theory anyway especially on a daily driver car.

Would I recommend it? Yes, an exceptional bead and booster for the cost.

Would I buy it again? Yes. It can be used on everything from daily to show car.



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