P & S Absolute Rinseless Wash

Cost:  £18 for 948ml

Date of Review: 22/10/2022

The Sales Pitch from P & S:

Absolute Rinseless wash was formulated from the ground up as a premium soap alternative. Utilising a unique subset of polymers. Absolute encapsulates and emulsifies dirt beyond what soap is capable of. Water is instantly softened upon mixture of Absolute, thus reducing chances of hard water spotting. The end-result is a purely clean and slick surface.

Absolute allows you to wash vehicles anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a detailing professional or passion driven enthusiast. Absolute is safe and easy to use on all exterior and interior surfaces. Designed for use on paint, coatings, wraps, PPF, trim, plastics, leather and upholstery. Absolutely clean, Absolutely efficient, Absolutely Absolute.

PRO Tip: Soiled areas can be pre-treated utilising the same dilution of 256 to 1 in a trigger or pump sprayer. Especially recommended for heavy soiled areas. 

For use as a Quick Detailer: Dilute 64 to 1

For use as a Clay Lubricant: Dilute 128 to 1

For Glass and Interior: Dilute 256 to 1

Available in sizes: 948ml and 3.79 Litre (1 Gallon)

Source:  Absolute Rinseless Wash – P & S Detail Products (psdetailproducts.com)

What You Get:

Product Description:

Another new variation on a car bubble bath. This product has been designed to be rinseless or reduce water usage for the washing process.

I have two thoughts on this, either it’s a two bucket wash and rinse, or go fully waterless and use no water at all.

So this product sits somewhere in the middle of the two options where I wasn’t convinced there was even a gap in the market. Obviously there is, even for the eco conscious among us.

As this product uses polymers it wouldn’t be classed as a natural product of course.


This is a concentrate and will go a very, very long way if mixed at 256:1 recommendations for a washing mixture. The purpose of the review here is to use it as described – a ‘rinseless wash’. Going on that type of dilution you will easily over a year out of this bottle washing every weekend.

The official instructions:

  • Best approached when the vehicle is cool and dry to the touch is best BUT can be used in direct sunlight, washing one section at a time.
  • Add 1oz of Absolute to 2 gallons (256 to 1 Dilution) of water in a wash bucket.
  • Soak a wash mitt or multiple microfibre towels and mix the product thoroughly.
  • Squeeze excess product from mitt or towels and begin washing from top to bottom of the vehicle.


I poured a couple generous of capfuls into a bucket and let the hose go. With minimal effort and on a fairly fine spray, the bucket lathered up very quickly. It was easy to feel the product mixing within the water as it felt slippery as soon as I put my hand in holding the sponge.

The part that caught my eye was ‘reducing chances of hard water spotting’ as I live in a very hard water area. I got a spray bottle to see how they application would be from a spray bottle and it was no problem at all with a cling to the paint from a fine mist. This would also soften any stubborn debris directly which I did with the bugs on the front of the car.

I then proceeded to apply via Ultra Black Sponge (review here) to the rest of the car. The product was very slick and made the sponge glide effortlessly. By the time I got to the bugs on the front, they washed right off.

A little common sense needs to be applied here. Wash once and dry, I don’t think will cut it, unless it was already a pretty clean car. Mine wasn’t as it’s a daily run around. I washed over the car twice and the gloss was already showing while wet. You could always wash the panel twice to make sure you get all the area cleaned.

I recommend the two bucket method to wash the sponge out after the first wash over to keep the sponge clean.

The application was effortless for a watered washing on a par with some premium dedicated car wash products.


The official instructions don’t say it above, but on the bottle it says to “simply take a plush microfibre cloth and dry the area to a smooth finish.”

After washing the car I took a large drying towel and dried the car down. I didn’t see any water spots, although I was expecting some. If the product was left to dry in the sun, i have no doubts that the drying will leave some. But on today’s sunny day with a little overcast and slightly breezy weather, it was pretty much perfect conditions. The drying towel was easy to glide over the paint to dry the panel.


The finish which was left was a good wash and the car looked glossy. I would say it was on a par with some cheaper market quick detailers.

I didn’t see any marring or streaks either, the glass buffed up with a little glass cleaner to make a proper job of the cleaning those.

Rating:  9 out 10

I think if you are in an area where water access is a premium then this will be a great product. I have rated this product for its intended purpose on this review; a waterless wash.

It was super easy to use and gave a very good finish, but not quite as glossy finish as a dedicated wash product would be. The tradeoff here is no water spots or streaking.

So I was originally going to give it an eight out of ten on the final finish, but no spots and easy application gave it an extra point.

Ease of use – 10 out 10

Finish – 9 out 10


The value for money of this product is exceptional and will go a very long way, either as a rinseless or as a quick detailer. Even though this product is supposed to soften the water, which I think it did given the amount of suds it produced for a couple of cap full, I would still use distilled water for the QD dilution.

I would use this as a soapy wash for my cars yes and still rinse and dry it, as I don’t have water access issues.

Should you want a ‘rinseless wash’ then this is really a great place to start.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I buy it? Yes

Thanks to Craig for allowing me to use his product for this review.


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