ValetPRO PH Neutral Snow Foam

Cost: £22 for 5litres

Date of Review:  3rd February 2019. Dry day, a little chilly, no wind but with some sun.

The Sales Pitch from ValetPro:

  • Produces thick and clingy foam
  • Safe on all surfaces and finishes
  • Will not strip waxes or protective coatings
  • pH neutral formula
  • Good value for money

pH Neutral Snow Foam is our high foaming pre wash. It produces a thick foam that clings to the paint surface to enable the cleaner to penetrate grime for a deep clean. This means less work to remove the excess grime and prepares the car for shampooing. This product was designed to work on well waxed surfaces, and the pH neutral formula is an added bonus because it means that this product is safe to use on any surface.

“pH Neutral Snow Foam is our best selling product and for good reason. It is one of the only safe pre-wash solutions on the market. ValetPRO pH Neutral Snow Foam is used by countless enthusiasts as a pre-cleaning agent prior to shampooing because it’s a neutral, safe and effective cleaner.” -Managing Director


What You Get:

A big bottle of concentrated snow foam.

Product Description:

A pre wash spray snow foam that sticks to the car to soften any debris on the car before shampoo. This snow foam is designed not to remove any waxes or sealants already on the car.


Standard mix for a snow foam cannon is 300ml to 700ml of water. That’s enough to make roughly sixteen litres of mixture, that about £1.30 a litre!


There is no fancy smell to the product, just a slight mild detergent odour.

Once mixed into the foam cannon bottle start the spraying onto the car. Leave to dwell for five minutes not allowing it to dry out. Then rinse thoroughly.

This snow foam cannon setting was not changed on the foam gun since the Auto Finesse review a couple of hours earlier. See conclusion below.

Thick & creamy


Simple with a gentle jet wash and the foam comes straight off along with a lot of grime.


Very good. The snow foam did indeed stick to the car and only started to run of from the vertical panels. but not enough to worry about drying out.

With the car drying out there was none of the residue and rubbish still left on the car like the Auto Finesse product.

With the foam eventually rinsed of there was an improvement in the paint. Some of the stubborn debris was still there but the majority of the surface rubbish had washed away. Washing with the two bucket method did make the car wash easier and I found that I didn’t need to rub so hard on the heavy soiled areas such as the roof and hood.

Rating: 6 out 10

I am still not a lover of Snow Foam to be honest, but this product has changed that opinion some what I must say. It doesn’t remove everything from the paint, you still have to wash the car. But, the idea of the snow foams are to be the non contact part of cleaning, removing the worst of the car before you wash it, this product has helped.

Ease of use – Simple, spray on leave for 5 minutes.

Finish – A slight improvement and the car washed a little easier without having to rub to remove debris.


I have reviewed the Auto Finesse product and the foam gun was on exactly the same setting. Both these cars were washed on the same day.

Auto Finesse Avalanche on the left, ValetPRO on the right, it’s a no brainer to see who is the far better product.

Auto Finesse review here:

Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam

ValetPRO is extremely good value for money with the larger container. Even the smaller bottle if you want to try it will only cost you £8

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

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