Another weekend gone!

I have had a good weekend all things taken into consideration. Yesterday was cold, I looked like the Michelin man with all the layers on. I managed to paint the inside of the right hand fender with the first coat of POR15. I will apply the second coat next weekend and then both fenders will be ready to put back on. I am going to get a nice set of fender bolts from my mate Adam at Mustang Maniac so they look good as I don’t intend to keep taking them off!

I have added a tool review for a Fat Max screwdriver which is a nice bit of kit. I was dragged out shopping late on Saturday after I had cleaned the fender. As a reward I was bought a little storage case for all my Dremel bits and pieces. The larger case now holds all the fittings for both the fenders. Result.

Thanks to my wife again for spoiling me! But, in my defence, I didn’t have any road rage, I didn’t moan about the number of shops we went in and I didn’t moan about the shops we went back too. So maybe I deserved it, you tell me! 🙂

I have just updated this post to say that I have added some of the right hand fender work I have done this weekend. It’s unbelievable the difference between the left fender (click Here) and right fenders (click Here). I will add the first coat and second coat pictures once I have finished it. But have look and see the difference.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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