“Wherever we wanted….”

Wherever we wanted to, we could beat the GTO [with the Daytona Coupe]. Even in 1965, when Ferrari started slipping 4.0-liters in there. That old pushrod 289 blew ’em off. That’s one of the greatest accomplishments by a bunch of hot rodders. Shelby American was built around hot rodders, and Phil Remington was the king of the hot rodders.”

– Carroll Shelby, racing driver and engineer, born 11 January 1923; died 10 May 2012.

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3 thoughts on ““Wherever we wanted….”

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  2. Oh, the 289. First Mustang I ever drove. First car I learned to drive a 4 speed. First car with nothing automatic except for the second look I always gave it when my boyfriend pulled up in the drive-way. First car I got dirty underneath. The 289 was the first engine that made sense when I looked under the hood. No engine has ever quite compared. Thanks from here!

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