Run Of The Mill (Part 1)

The car shows have started and it was great to get out and about. I was excited all week and just hoped that the weather was going to hold out for us. I had a decision to attend a choice of two shows; Stonham Barns which I attend a number of times or a new new venue, Kersey Mill. I get a little hacked of with the old mates scenario of the Stonham barns which are same cars winning in the show and shine all the time. Kersey is smaller show, not by a lot it has to be said. After a mental busy day at work I was hoping for a good night sleep before Sunday morning. The dogs, made sure of that by playing musical beds, wanting to go out for a howl at the moon and just try everything in their books to cause havoc, I didn’t get much sleep. Sunday morning arrived the weather was dry and bright if not a bit chilly. The weather forecast was for a dry day for the first car show of the year – 25th April 2021.

The car pulled out the garage and I loaded up with provisions for the day, drinks, food and sun cream! Optimism I guess.

The drive to Kersey was amazing, the roads were fine and I was on some minor roads for part of the journey so I could just plod along at my own pace and enjoy the drive. I arrived to a single entrance that I would have driven straight past if the marshal hadn’t of directed me to the opening. The car show itself was separated in seven different zones, and a number of car clubs were grouped together and the whole thing looked to be well thought out. The constant influx of cars was always moving and I have to admit it, well organised.

A little bit about the location; Kersey Mill is located just north of the Suffolk & Essex county border. Around 1860 Kersey Mill was a water and engine driven Stone Mill.  The three pairs of engine driven stones must have been amongst the last and most sophisticated stone milling machinery produced by Whitmore & Binyon, Millwrights of Wickham Market. Pic on the left below is borrowed from their website.

The Mill had the lead from the roof stolen which caused significant water ingress damage. The four storey Mill has since been undergoing restoration to rectify the damage. The completed result is a beautiful venue for weddings, photography, fitness, Arts & Crafts, boutiques, coffee shop, design, flower shop, or just a nice day out or go for a walk.

I parked up within in the Bury Retro Car Club stand in area seven, which was in basically in the back garden of some properties within the beautiful beautiful grounds.

By mid morning the club allocation was full. I managed to park next a friend of mine who purchased his 1965 Coupe in the middle of our lockdown last year. Parking space was as as you wanted and was nice change to being shoved in as close as possible.

The Bury Retro Car Club stand;

A group of us stood around and chatted, the first words out of everybody’s mouth was, ‘it was great to be out and about again’.

Chairs were placed at the back of the cars and quick wipe over of the car to get rid of the road dust and we were set for the rest of the day. Everybody was respectful and kept their distance. Those in the club and also the visitors to the stand.

I decided to go for a walk to take some pictures of the scenery and the cars. There was a massive selection of cars and not just classic cars. I decided to add a little section on the next post for ‘Part 2’ for “Dogs of the day”, that I spotted. The wife asked me to send her some pictures while I was there and walking around as she had never been their herself.

There was some run of the mill cars (pun intended – sorry), to celebrity cars. These cars were at the main part of the complex. The bottom pic was the BBQ which done the most wonderful smelling bacon rolls!

Just outside the main mill house itself was some real golden oldies, classics and a fire engine.

These cars in the group below top picture were Vauxhall Cavaliers, these cars were considered just use and dispose as mainly sales rep cars, now they are on classic car stands!

This pic did tickle me as a one of the worlds worst cars, this Lada was next to one of the worlds prestige marques Aston Martin GT.

Old 1973 Mk 1 escort next to one of the worlds sporting icons, Ferrari.

A beautiful steam engine just quietly chugging away with rhythmic precision and the unbeatable smell of steam. I believe this engine was over one hundred years old!

There was a section for TV star cars. All of which need no introduction. The A-Team van had been signed by all the cast and the sandwich boards had pictures of them signing it.

Faceman’s ‘vette

Starsky & Hutch car had me hooked as a kid, I so wanted that Ford Torino, it was the coolest car on TV.

No words needed from a Mustang fan:

The Simon Templar Volvo was amazing. The character was played by Sir Roger Moore before he became James Bond.

Some more cars from that area.

Part 2 will have the rest of the cars from the show and few cute dog pics.

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Festival Of Wheels 2019

The weekend just gone was one of those weekends where everything clashes for car shows. There was the Festival of Wheels in Ipswich on both Saturday and Sunday. Then on the Sunday is perhaps my favourite car show Helmingham Hall. The decision was made a long time ago to split the shows over the two days. The weather was looking good, so I set off on the Saturday morning with plenty of time in hand to allow me at least one hour before the general public was allowed in at ten. I drove up to the gates and straight in, no fuss no hassle. I was directed to the reserved area for the Bury Retro Car Club, just like last year I was the first to arrive from the club.

About half an hour later, two other cars from the club parked in a different place leaving me on my own, no problems as that left plenty of space for me. This show is aimed at the family day out more so than a dedicated car show itself. Some of the cars were good and I took a selection of photos those that interested me.

This little picnic van was quite cool and towed by an old school lorry.

I found a supercar, but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the Mclaren’s interior. I’m sure it’s amazing to drive but even so, I would want a little bit more, or is it just me?

Choice of the Mclaren or something else? I would rather of had this old school Ferrari 328.

I’m not too sure what to make of this with the fake intake trumpets! Each to their own I guess.

There was an interior section where a few nice cars were on show including a couple of drag strip cars, one of which was a Bentley.

Right at the other end of the field area was a Land Rover assault course, which didn’t look that challenging for the vehicle’s prowess and monster truck with seats in the back for ten or so people for a ride.

Not a bad day out for the family, although the variation of cars wasn’t great. There was a section that was more like a Wal-Mart car park, which I didn’t bother taking photos of.  The simple reason was that there were cars with speakers bigger than their wheels and revving up to the max to make their exhausts pop and bang as much as possible. Giving the genuine car show enthusiast a bad name, which a little soap box of mine.

However, I enjoyed the day and met up with a mate of mine I wasn’t aware of he was going. We had a wander around to look at the stalls which again were not that car related to be honest, things like sweets, hats, summer dresses and toys. Helmingham Hall was in another league. That post will be up very shortly. 😃

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Elveden Car Show 2019 (part 2)

Continuing from yesterdays post this is part two where I took more photo’s from the other walled area of clubs stands. By this time we were creeping into the afternoon, there were some clouds in the distance, but it was still warm.

Elveden is an estate where they have local produce for sale, a very nice restaurant, some local craft shops etc. One of those little stalls crept into the main car show area. I had to laugh at this as the men looked totally bored while the wives and girlfriends had a good look around. The situation soon reversed when the men started looking at the cars and the women started playing with their mobile phones! 🙂

In the interests of equality as you have to be now days, I think that all wedding and bridal shows should have a car stands for the men!

Hot Rods;

Some more American muscle;

Small and sporty cars;

For road cars I am more of a Lamborghini fan than I am of Ferrari, but my all time favourite Ferrari has to be the 308 – the Magnum PI TV show car. I had posters of this car on my bedroom wall as a kid. The Ferrari club was well represented, I tried to talk to one guy but he was very up his own a$$ to be honest so I didn’t bother with the rest of them to be honest, a bit of a shame.

Bury Retro Car Club where I should have been.

The rest of the cars that took my eye;

On the way back to the car I felt it, a single drop of liquid falling from the sky. I walked faster back to the car, the faster I walked the faster it started to fall. While putting my show board away the single drop had started to turn into hose-pipe sprinkler.

Within a few seconds it was carnage, not much time to do anything it was that sudden. I just love this photo of improvised damage limitation.

For what seemed like a minute or so it was falling, the for the remaining ten minutes of so the rain slowed to a gentle drizzle. Not enough to wash my sun cream of though!

It stopped as quickly as it started, the sun came out and there was no more rain for the rest of the day. However the rain did enough to make a mess of the cars that were covered in a fine film of pollen and dust.

As it was near the end of the day I thought that I would leave the clean up for when I got home.

While waiting for the gates opening again I took a couple of artistic pics while sitting in my now slightly damp chair. Using the Ford truck’s hub caps to capture an unusual angle of my car.

A couple of hours later when we were allowed to leave I the show and enjoyed the trip back home. I gave the car a quick detail before I put her back in the garage.

So it has been four out of four car shows where it has rained for me, although the Elveden show wasn’t nowhere near as bad as the previous shows. All four apps said no rain as I said in my previous post, I’m even beginning to think there is a conspiracy against me. Either that or the wife has learnt how to do the rain dance so I stay at home and do some jobs around the house! I was supposed to go to a car show yesterday, but the rain was relentless so I didn’t go at all. I had intentions of popping over in the afternoon if the rain held off, which it didn’t. So technically that’s five shows that have been affected by rain. Surely it must improve.

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London Classic Car Show 2018 (Part 1)

This post will be the first of three posts to cover all sorts of cars at the London Classic Car Show which took place between 15th to 18th of February 2018. The first post being the general cars section, the second post will be all about different motor sports cars through the years, the third post will be all about me being able to tick a very big something off my bucket list. There may even be a photo of me in the post somewhere that the wife had taken for me.

I was treated to the tickets for the Sunday 18th as a surprise for Valentines Day prezzie by the wife. I only found out the day before we were due to go. We set off early in the morning and soon realised that the car park near the Excel centre was for pre booked spaces and a limited number of public spaces. We decided that with the size of the queue to get in we wouldn’t bother even trying. So we had a drive around and looked for a space, that was more wishful thinking than practical. We drove around and found a tiny Pay & Display which was having work done on the grounds. We drove in and found a spot that a builders van had just pulled out of, we were very lucky to say the least. the short walk to the exhibition centre was a little quicker than we anticipated as we both needed to find a rest room. A couple of minutes later and relieved we picked up the tickets and walked our way in.

This particular show is geared towards selling the services for restoration of cars and completed cars up for sale. All of the cars were gleaming and beautifully presented. The large hall was divided by a make shift road down the middle where some of the cars would run from one end of the arena and back again. I will show more of that in the next post.