Yin and Yang part 2

I’m torn between good and bad.

This week has been hell for me, simple reason is that I have lost count of the number of people that have asked me, text me or emailed me the same thing. “Have you seen the new NatWest advert yet? It has a Mustang in it.” No I haven’t and it has been driving me nuts. Normally during the adverts I try and do something mentally stimulating, like watching dust settle, or trying origami with house bricks. So this week I have had the remote and have been zapping around the TV stations like I was being paid to change channel. Not a sniff of it. Then a great friend of mine Gary S. sent me the link to the advert on YouTube via my Facebook page. How random is that? Cheers Gazza. So here I am, Yin & Yang again, do I give NatWest free publicity via my blog even though I have an acute distrust for banks. Or, do I share a genuinely good advert with you? My head says no way do I help them, but my heart says, your love for all things Mustang is bigger than that. Being as I did enjoy the advert I will share it. So Mr NatWest, when you decide to stitch me up with bank charges that are not my fault, remember I have helped you and your bonus this year, again!

NatWest advert on YouTube, enjoy; click here

Update: 23 March 2013.

I have been asked who sings on the advert, its Johnny Cash – Thing called love.

Let me know what you think or comments.

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2 thoughts on “Yin and Yang part 2

  1. I hated to admit it but it is a great advert, the music fits, the father daughter bond and his dream car. My favourite ad for a long long time.

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