9 comments on “Raise a Glass Or Two

  1. What a greasy – dusty hobby you picked, Mart! 😉 Though you have clean nails every time you post them along your work done. I don’t know how you do that.
    I always admire my “cats” (ford mechanics) very good people, without proudness, they are ones of the best in thier field. They always say i’m too kind with them, though no car came into our service and went out without fixing her. And doesn’t matter how much and expensive special soap I would buy, they always have lofty hands of a mechanic.
    Not in the last, i’m very content you mention I have had a positive effect on your work, I had a good time too, thank you, Mart!


    • My pleasure Dana, I have a little tip for cleaning the hands, apart from the dedicated cleaners etc if you dont have any good try washing up liquid in your hands a tiny amount of water to mske it spread a little then add some sugar, about half a teaspoon. This will get pretty much most things off and cheaper too. Obviously a little work with a nail brush is also required but its passable. 🙂


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