End Of Season Show?

It’s almost the end of the car show season and I have potentially attended the last car show of the season for me. There are two more shows in my diary that I intend to go to, one of which is at the end of this month and the other in the middle of October. Past experience tells me that these are going to be rained on due to the UK winter being under way. So I won’t be getting the car out for those, even if there is the slightest chance of rain.

Last weekend was the Fornham Classic & Sports Cars by the lake show, a lovely setting that is more like cars by the large pond rather than lake to be honest.

This is a popular show and you have to be booked in, to get in. There is a huge selection of different cars on display without it being to big a show that you rush around to see it all. The weather forecast was for a sunny day and it did last all day I’m pleased to say. The car show is only located twenty odd minutes away from me, so I even had a little snooze before I needed to get up and be there by nine thirty. I arrived at the farm’s turn off and we were ushered in without hardly any delay, they had opened both ends of a field to filter the cars in. A great job by the marshals all day in fact. I was parked up and a huge Plymouth Road Runner pulled up next to me, now I thought my car was long! So less words and on with the pics. These were taken as I worked up and down the lines of cars.

There were some amazing super cars there which I have grouped together here;

Perhaps the best looking Fiat to be accepted as a Ferrari, the achingly beautiful Dino!

Then ultra modern Lambo, the first I have seen in the wild as it were.

A nice selection of Mustangs, both old and new;

Some super old pre war category cars;

By around lunchtime the show was packed and full to the brim.

Then I found this Triumph at the end of a line, for me this was my car of the show.

Yes, that really is two child seats that pull up in the trunk area almost hanging out the back of the car. Seat belts? Nahh, not in those days.

Some more of the cars that caught my eye;

When I got back to my car I decided to get the hood up and compare the Plymouth next to mine. It must have been a good half meter longer than mine.

My final arty pic of my car, please with the shine on this one.

I hope I have a more shows to finish the year of nicely. But, I’m not gonna get to excited just yet though, knowing my luck the clouds are already gathering for me. This is a popular show and seems to be getting bigger by the year, but with the other hugely popular show in the area ‘Nowton Park’, being cancelled this year because it got to big for the small car club organisers to handle believe it or not. This show looks like it would need to restricted the numbers, or at least make it only for cars that are over twenty years old. There was a lot of cars that were pretty much brand new in show, like I have said before, I can go to any super market car park to see those. And yes, that goes for the new Mustangs as well.

If this is the last show of the year for me, it was a great way to end the season.

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6 thoughts on “End Of Season Show?

  1. I am trying to catch up on my reading. Wow! What an amazing show! And, your car looks great. I had to laugh at the comments about the size of the Plymouth Roadrunner. 😊 Yes, those were indeed monsters. The ’68 to ’69 Dodge Chargers were 208 inches, or 5.283 meters! Those are my favorite of the muscle cars.

    I do have a question. Was the Dino Ferrari actually a Fiat? When I was a kid, I had a slot car racing set, and the Dino Ferrari was my favorite race car.

    Anyway, glad to be able to see your post. Thanks!

      1. Interesting, and good to know. Hey, have you seen the “Ford versus Ferrari” movie yet. It is great! I know you’d love it.

  2. Wow, last of the season, huh? I guess that you had a pretty good run this year, nice to see the shows over there.
    My favorite are the pre-war style cars. I wish I could get a lot more of those on my blog, would love to tell their stories.
    Don’t stop writing just because it’s winter, you have a great car, write about it.

    1. I hope to write a few more posts and not just car shows. I agree with you that those big pre war cars are just amazing. I have no idea how they manage to store them to keep them pristine condition.

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