Most Revealing….

For a number of years since I started my blog I have keept my identity off the web. A little background as to why. My blog was intended to be a diary of the build progress of my Mustang and nothing much more. Somewhere to store my thoughts and photos if you like, my build diary. The posts back then had a little write up so I could read it through a number of years later. That little diary has evolved into something much more now, almost a website with lots to look at, obviously something I’m very pleased about. I now do reviews of car detailing, books, tools, memorabilia, collectables and articles. After a few early posts on the blog I started to get emails from people to say they enjoyed what I was doing. Thinking about what was happening I stepped up my game pretty quickly and started to create more how to guides, processes and instructions on what I had done or I was doing at the time. This of course was a view from a man on the street who had never done anything like restoring a classic car before. I made mistakes and they were corrected with the help of Mustang Maniac and all was well again. All of that hard work comes to a giddy height when I go to a car show. Late November 2019 I was invited to attend the “Lancaster insurance Pride of Ownership” at the Birmingham NEC. There was ten of us (finalists) there and I did a comprehensive write up of the show over the three days which it ran. The only downside was that it was marred by cheating of the winner which I proved and fully documented. All that aside there was some massive plus points about that show too; I meet some wonderful people, shared many laughs, got foot ache, back ache, lost my voice, I got a severe case of larringitus thrown in too, all in the name of a great time at a car show. And where is all this going you may ask?

Well, during the time at that show I was asked so many questions by many people. A few people recorded a conversation via mobiles etc. One notable instance was a nice guy who wanted to take a photo of me with the car and recorded what I was saying. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time, but I agreed and so the photos were taken and his questions were answered. I thought no more of it. That was until a couple of weeks ago, when out of the blue I was contact by a weekly journal called “Classic Car Weekly” here in the UK. A link to their website is here. There was a couple of phone calls and emails to confirm a couple of points. I was asked if I had any photos of the original state, just a few maybe around 4,500 or so at last count. I had to pick a few out to send them of the car during that long build process over the four and a half years it took to complete.

The result is that I featured in this week’s edition of the paper released on the 8th April 2020. If you are quick you might even be able to get a copy. I even made the front cover;

The article is a full page interview and pictures.

The main heading refers to a reveal; where there it is, a picture of me.

To mark the occasion I bought a copy or four, one to read, one to keep prestine and the others just in case.

Now that you know what I look like, please come and say hello if you see me at a car show. That’s of course providing that Corona virus doesn’t keep us locked down and we can actually get to a show this year. I need to drive my car, it’s been five months now – FIVE MONTHS, just sayin’!

Until that next car show, keep safe and stay at home.

UPDATE: 13/4/2020

I have been asked by Richard if I can make a readable version of the article.

As requested here is a high res scan of the article converted to a PDF to download.

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41 thoughts on “Most Revealing….

  1. Hello Mart, hope you’re coping at the moment. We met about 3 years ago at Duxford I had the Red 65 Coupe, with the engine bay which had been detailed, I’m sure you remember 😀
    As the expert on detailing classic Mustangs now🤔, could you tell me what you would recommend to clean and polish the black paint in my engine bay?
    Thanks Nick

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. Wow I didn’t know I was the first Mustang. What an honour, thank you. Happy to help out with anything you need from me in the future. At the end of the day it’s the car is the star, i photobombed the picture. Lol. But I’m just the lucky guy that gets to drive her.

  2. Congratulations on making the front cover of the paper! It was lovely to read your origin story and thank you for sharing photos of the story it was an interesting read!
    Best Wishes, Charlotte

  3. always looking forward to your next story………keep on going!!! you deserve the cover on the magazine……ed

  4. Nice to see your face Mart. Congratulations for the deserved success after such a beautiful car restoration and thanks to the journalist who trapped you nicely.

  5. Well done Martin. Such a relief they didn’t want you for Page Three (UK readers only joke). The car is a credit to you & your patience & tenacity. Congratulations on the article & front page recognition.

  6. Congratulations. That is really super cool. You are deserving after all the work you put into saving your Mustang. You need to buy 5 copies for your mother as per the song “On The Cover of The Rolling Stone”.

    1. Thanks Timothy, I must confess after I took the pic of four mags I bought two more, the excuse was a mate of mine couldn’t get a copy so asked for one of mine. So a total of six now down to five, does that count. 😉

  7. Hi Mart! Congratulations! For sure you deserve it, i ‘ve been watching your work…in what a beautiful poney you got to transform it. All the best!

    Ps. I miss the car shows i used to participate …great time. Lots of interaction and special people.

  8. Hey Mart, this is fantastic, congrats! A question: is there a possibility of you scanning the entire article and posting it on your blog so that we can read it? That’s presuming that you have the magazine’s permission to do so. I think that would be a really nice thing to see.
    Best, Richard

      1. Thank you for the pdf Mart. I shared it with my son.
        Weve watched again, Ferrari v Ford and we loved the movie. We bond over Top Gear and cars. Congrats on achieving this milestone. 👏🎉👌

        1. Thank you for the kind comments. I’m glad you enjoy cars with your son, that’s something i wish I could do. I’m envious of that bond you have, it must be so cool. 👍👍👍

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