Culford Car Show 2021 (part 2)

This is the second part of the Culford Car Show from 18th July this year. As I left the show I managed to take this picture without any photobombing of other cars or people wandering into shot as a lot of the cars had already left for home and I found a little open space.

But, my best efforts are not as good as some. I mentioned at the end of the last post that I met an interesting guy and we had a quick chat. It turns out that Steve Armon is a photographer who wants to take some pictures of my car for his ever growing portfolio. He has posted three pictures of my car along with some others on his Instagram account ‘trigpointpictures’. Stop by and say I sent you. Here are those pics he kindly sent to me and I just love them. Thanks Steve for the permission to use them.

Back to the show where I was wandering around still, and a reminder of the beautiful location first;

The cars, again in no particular order;

There was a hot rod section that i spent a little time hanging around for some obvious reasons. That Plymouth Super Bee was something else!

There was a Ferrari club there with some rather unusual examples there.

The award to the biggest set of rear wheels goes to;

At the front of the school;

Back up the other side of the grounds on my way back to the car.

Then I spotted this little animal, these rare MG Metro 6R4’s were in the Group B rally class. They were banned as they and cars like them at the time were often classed as ‘to fast to race’ in the 1980’s.

It was really hot to say the least and to eventually sit back under the trees and chat to the guys next to me was a very welcome relief along with the litre of water that I downed almost in one! The trip home had the manual air conditioning on full. The windows wound right down! Another wonderful trip through the country side with nothing but a v8 for company and have it barking at me when I occasionally pressed the loud pedal!

I hope you liked the pics as much as I liked the show itself.

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17 thoughts on “Culford Car Show 2021 (part 2)

  1. Hi Mart, great show and again, great photos. That Plymouth Superbird with the huge rear wing was the most outrageous thing when I was a teen! Little known fact about that wing: it did not need to be that high for aerodynamic purposes. It was that tall only to allow the trunk to be opened! Note that unlike most wings, it’s not mounted on the trunk lid, but on the rear fenders.
    Best, Richard

      1. Not to intrude but I’ll add a couple snippets.
        On the NASCAR racing versions of the Superbird, the front fender scoops covered holes needed to allow tire clearance. On the street version they were ornamental.
        Also, all Superbirds came with vinyl roof. Odd for a muscle car based on NASCAR racers, but the truth is the flush rear window of the 1969 Daytona Charger required so much tin work and finishing, that when they built the 1970 Superbird, Chrysler decided to save the man-hours and just cover the welds with vinyl.

  2. That was a wonderful post. The show looked like it was a blast with so many great cars. I loved the photos of your car. It is more spectacular than I imagined. Your car just looks phenomenal!

    Thanks for the great photos. I love car shows on the grass; it just seems more relaxing and casual. I was quite surprised to see the rat rod at your show. I had no idea that they had made it across the pond. The world is definitely smaller than we think. Enjoy and happy show season!

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Tim. The Rat Rod thing is definitely over here with some nice examples driving around.
      That show was the biggest I have been to I think so far. Such a nice day with some great people to talk to.

      1. You are welcome. I had no idea that the rat rod concept crossed “the pond”. Do you know much about the Ed Roth Rat Fink culture? I have a couple of posts about it a few years ago.

          1. Same here; I wouldn’t want one, but I can appreciate them. That’s the cool thing about cars – we can all do our own things. Stay safe and try to have a fun summer.

            1. We were doing really well over here, but too many Americans will not get vaccinated. So now our country is seeing a resurgence of the virus, especially with the Delta variant. Back to masks and avoiding crowds. I will not give up the car shows this year, but care and cautioun are in order. Stay safe and try to stay positive.

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