Lavenham Car Show August 29th 2021

One of my favourite car shows of the year as it’s a beautiful drive out to the sleepy little village, and it’s just a nice environment. Not over flowing with modern cars, and a real family type day out. This year there was a lot of Jags on show, I mean a lot, MK1 and MK2. I reckon the Jag Owners club turn of some sort turned up en masse.

I got up early as usual and thoroughly enjoyed the drive through the country lanes, until some idiot in a Renault (white) van wanted to sit right up my rear. It did bother me a bit as I wanted to relax and enjoy the country side, so I ignored him. I was in good mood and didn’t care about the rest of the world that morning.

I pulled into the venue and was told where to park. The same spot as last year on the end near the entrance. Where I quite like to be and can watch the cars come in 🙂

I spent a fair amount of time checking the App that no rain was forecast, but it was little nippy in the slight breeze when the sun was hiding behind some clouds. This was taken about half hour before the public was allowed in, so not all the cars were in place.

I wasn’t very hungry until I got the delicious waft of bacon and sausage baps being cooked around ten in the mornin’ just the gates were opened to the public, not a coincidence I’m sure. As I didn’t have my wallet with me, being the absent minded fool, I had left it in the garage. I went hungry, apart from the little packed lunch I took with me. Cheese and ham sarnie just doesn’t cut it, but the ham was as close as I was going to get to bacon on that day!

Parked up next to in the American stand was a Pontiac station wagon, the owner was saying that there is only one other in the country!

I decided to go for a walk about half hour after I had wiped the car over. So in no particular order, but I walked clockwise around the circular shaped format of the cars.

This lovely car was tucked in a corner,

There was a limited Super car section, where the Lambo and DeLorean combo were together again. The Ferrari was a replica of course.

I’m not into motorbikes as they scare the hell out of me, but this Subaru flat four based trike was amazing.

When i had finished doing my rounds I got back to my car and found that it was hoods up time. Not to be outdone I had to do the same.

I left about half hour before the end so I could drive home at my own pace. Another beautiful trip home, not cars trying to get in my trunk and I was in my own little world just listening to the beating heart of a Ford Small block V8. Is there anything better to end the day than that? To cap it all – it didn’t rain either.

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5 thoughts on “Lavenham Car Show August 29th 2021

  1. Your car is looking fabulous. I like the big white one, the owner could rent that out for weddings. My Dad is having a dilemma his car is sixteen years old but he’s just been told it needs thousands of pounds of work doing on the chassis, Mum thinks the garage are trying to get him to trade it in lol. He’s a confirmed petrol head and he’s really unsure about switching to electric.

    The new message worked so I’ll repost with my e-mail rather than WP login.

    1. Hi Charlotte message received fine. I’m still not sure about electric at the moment myself. The infrastructure is just not there to support it. The costs of the cars is ridiculous as well. The damage to the environment to mine enough materials to make the batteries is rather worrying too. I personally think that hydrogen is the way to go. Who knows what is going to happen, something needs to be done. Also the battery life will diminish with every charge and that means the batteries will be less effective as time goes on and the cold weather has a detrimental effect on the range of batteries too with less miles range as time goes on.

  2. Great photos as always. That Pontiac wagon is a ’64 Tempest or LeMans (same body, just different trim), and trust me, they are rare in the States as well!

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