Feltwell Anglo American Car Show (part 2)

Carrying on from last weeks post where I only got halfway round the Feltwell Anglo American Car Show, I will continue with some more great cars. The weather was super sunny with a few clouds coming over later in the afternoon, and made it tricky to take some photos of the cars especially with the polished chrome and glossy paint jobs.

I’m not sure if the Anglo American theme extends to some Japanese fast cars or some German campers that had infiltrated the ranks! However, it was good to see them as they are getting rarer to find.

This Lada was getting some looks, it’s not the best of cars when it was unleashed on the public, but this was different as it was on air ride. He kindly let some kid in the car to bounce the car’s suspension, after a minute or so of some frantic movements there was a large bang and the car slammed down on the rear suspension. It turned out a pipe had broken and was haemorrhaging hydraulic fluid badly. The owner just said “Oh well, Looks like I’m in for bumpy ride home”.

Moving on to the rest of the rows of cars;

These are the longest cars I think I have seen apart from the stretched limos and hearses.

I don’t much about these Rocket 88’s, but it was an amazing car and I would have been happy to drive around in a pink one. Happy to be educated if anybody knows.

Then we come back to the Normal sized cars.

This MG ZT had a Mustang engine in it, but I think the owner was confused if it was an MG or Mustang, it looked a little odd to be honest with the classic Mustang emblems on it.

A nice selection of trikes all parked up with an accompanying Meatloaf sound track, so I stayed there for a couple of great songs.

I loved this Thunderbird, but in this light blue colour it looked like giant Hot Wheels car, or is it my imagination. Cracking car though.

The replica AC Cobra had the hood up and couldn’t wait to see under the hood. I was disappointed as it wasn’t a Ford block. In fact I would liken it opening a copy of Play Boy expecting to see some artistic photos of lovely ladies, only to find pictures of a building site. The disappointment was real, but It did sound nice.

The biggest engine of the day:

After I had looked all around I wandered back to my car for some lunch and get the hood up and assume the position in my chair.

I had a fantastic time and around three o’clock I decided to leave before before the queues started to form. To help with the traffic flow I was direct out a different way to the way I came in, the SatNav complained a bit, but I followed her directions. I’m glad I did because I drove right past the gates where My car would have driven through a few times over the years that she was stationed here with her owner.

The journey wasn’t as scenic as the journey to get to the show, but I will take an open road anytime! The fence on the right is part of the Lakenheath airbase itself.

I arrived home and spent fair amount of time getting the stubborn pollen of the car that had settled on the car while in the field. My hay fever was playing me big time as a result, but it was all worth it for such a good day. I will absolutely make sure I attend this show again. Well run show, great cars and the first show of the season. Will the other shows come close to this one? I hope so.

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6 thoughts on “Feltwell Anglo American Car Show (part 2)

  1. That Olds is a 1958, which was near the end of Harley Earl’s multi-decade run as GM’s styling leader. The ’58s were especially criticized for their extensive use of chrome. Once Bill Mitchell took over as chief stylist, styling smoothed out. Just compare this ’58 Olds to a 1961 Olds.

    All these photos are awesome. I’m very impressed by the diversity of vehicles at this show!

    1. Thanks for the excellent information Richard it’s much h appreciated. I checked out the different years and they are very different as you say. I’m still hooked on the 58 shape, the cars had characters then. I’m a fan of a big fin it has to be said. 👍

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