Battery Tray Recondition


This was mainly time and consumables: degreaser, POR Prep Ready, a couple of coats of POR15, self etch primer and couple of coats of satin black. The amounts I used I expect came to no more than £3 all in.


The battery trays on these cars are notorious for being eaten away by either rust or battery acid, the latter causing the rust. It’s a new one or you are lucky. My tray was a little rusty in a lot of places and I wanted to see how it was underneath.


The first thing is strip the paint of the tray. with such a small area I used a drill with a rotary wire brush attachment in the end. This stripped the rust and the paint, what was left of it down to nothing. The pitting of the tray from the rust was a little concern but it wasn’t bad and I decided it gives a little character. So I wanted to keep it.

The next job was clean and degrease the whole thing and dry it. Then I applied the POR Prep and Ready to remove any rust lurking around. That’s was allowed to work and dry of. The applications of POR15 paint was added and allowed to dry, The paint was applied a little thicker than normal to allow the paint to fill some of the imperfections on the tray edges.

A coating of Grey primer was applied to each side and allowed to dry. The final two coats of the satin black were applied and it was job done. I forgot to take the pics of the primer, but it was just standard light grey primer.


The finished article loos really good and I am pleased with the way it has turned out. The original tray stays and I am pleased with that too. It took a couple of days in total to allow the POR15 paint to dry off and the spray paint to cure. A real simple task this one and not a lot know how required.




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