Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax 2.0 Liquid

Cost: £27.50

Date of Review: 22nd February 2021

The Sales Pitch from Meguiar’s:

Dramatically Slick Finish

Enhanced with Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™, NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 provides relentless water beading and protection against oxidation, corrosion, UV rays and surface degradation. “Hydrophobic” means water-fearing, and the synthetic polymers in Tech Wax 2.0 increase surface tension, creating a barrier that makes water bead up and glide right off, wash after wash. The result is a dramatically slick finish, fewer and taller water beads when the vehicle gets wet and increased protection from dust, dirt and other contaminants. NXT Generation® Tech Wax® 2.0 features a new, technologically advanced formula that glides on and wipes off effortlessly, producing unbelievably deep, vibrant colour and a stunning wet-look shine.

Source: NXT Tech Wax 2.0 Liquid 473ML (

What You Get: 473ml (of a synthetic wax product)


OK, I must admit I screwed up and ripped the label of the back of the bottle while trying to see if there was anything extra like the usual Meguiar’s labels do. But I managed to find a picture of it on the net, it doesn’t tell you much as it’s a very simple product to use.

The instructions are quite simple though, make sure the car is clean and cool to the touch. Apply a thin even layer on the panel and allow to dry. ‘It’s recommended by Meguiar’s that a second covering is advised that second coating is applied for full coverage’.


I had all my application foam pads were in the wash, so I used a clean microfiber cloth to apply the liquid. The product spreads easily and the rule of thumb is little goes a long way. This amount on the cloth covered the whole roof easily and was a bit to much actually.

My other car was metallic grey.


There is no need to allow to cure and you can buff it away pretty much straight away. The images below i have marked up to show the 50/50 where the wax was removed.

The product is easy to buff to a shine with virtually no powder. But if you over apply the product then frequent turning of the cloth is required and there is a some powder to deal with.

Here the product was applied to smooth plastic and chrome and was again easy to shine.


The shine is good and looks like time had been spent on the finish.

The shine lasted fine but the real reason I applied the product was for the protection. The beading was good and the water ran freely from the paint.

The chrome was protect well and also had a good bead to it. On the black car the reflection was very good.

There was no smears or uneven patches after buffing. There was a nice slick finish to the paintwork after application.

Rating: 8 out 10

Ease of use – 9

Finish – 8

Would I recommend It? Yes

I would recommend it for a liquid wax, the main reasons being the ease of application and finish you get in a short space of time.

Would I buy it again? No

The product is fine, but I do prefer the finish of the hard wax application and I think the hard waxes do last a little longer. On the other hand, if this was in a super cheap in a sale, then I would buy it again for those not much time to wax a car days.

I think that if this was nearer the £15 to £20 mark then it would be a much better buy.


An easy product to apply and gives good results and a great product for the liquid wax fans. I found that the beading wasn’t as tight as I would have hoped to have been and I see better results with the (review here); Megs Ultimate Wax paste to be honest.

The big plus point is time. This is applied and finished in around a third of the time it takes for a traditional hard wax, which is my preference for wax application. Powder was virtually non existent, but can be pain when the product is over applied. No need to wait for curing.

For the cost of this wax you can get a tin of Gold Class or Ultimate wax which will give many more applications than a liquid.

The trade of is time spent vs protection vs number of applications.


This is the big question for any ‘protection’ wax rather than a ‘car show’ shine wax. It lasted a couple of months before the roof and hood started to shows signs of sheeting rather than beading. The side of the car lasted longer of course. Washing the car as a top was a breeze and dirt didn’t seem to stick and washed of easily.

The “Last Twice as long” doesn’t say longer than what. I have not found a liquid wax that last nearer the six months mark yet.

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