Mitchell & King Endurance

Cost:  £13.49 / 500ml

Date of Review: 3/12/2022

The Sales Pitch from Mitchell & King:

Daily Driver Spray Wax, Lovely Gloss

  • Very Versatile
  • Use Before A Wax
  • Use After A Wax
  • Use A Standalone Product
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Spray-On, Wipe Off

Welcome to Endurance, our new resilient spray wax – packed with highly resistant ingredients to ensure your car stays protected and is easier to wash. 

You can use Endurance prior to applying a Wax as a traditional Sealant, you can use it as a top-up spray after washes to enhance the protection or you can use it to protect your car as a standalone product. 

Tested in the harsh Scottish Winter, it’s always easy to apply and remove. Exceptionally convenient and something every enthusiast and pro should have in their shed.


What You Get:

A 500ml bottle with a top quality variable spray nozzle that doesn’t leak.

I have had this product for quite a while now and has the old style M&K logo on the bottle.

Product Description:

This is a product that sort of covers all protection bases. It can be used as a sealer, wax top up or a wax coating on its own. It can be used on pretty much all surfaces like paint, chrome trim, metal etc. as it’s a clear product.


This product differs from other spray on waxes in its application. That difference being that the product is sprayed onto an applicator pad and wiped in straight parallel lines on a single panel at a time.


The application is not like a wax where it needs to be massaged into the paint. This product is more like a quick detailer in consistency. The product applies easily enough in straight lines with a slight overlap with no drag on application. The product has a very slight oily feel to it.

I applied the product as a top up sealer after prior waxing.

I have arrowed the lines to which point I stopped with the product. It’s quite easy to see where the product has been applied before it has been buffed away.


Remove the product straight away once you have applied the product to the entire panel. Regular turning of a good quality microfiber towel for each panel makes the product easier to remove, or you may end up streaking the finish and having to rebuff.

I had noticed when this has been applied on top of other another very well-known brand the product will streak after buffing. This is rectified by a second application and rebuff. To be honest this isn’t an uncommon problem with mixing different brands applied on top of other brands. Annoying yes, but due to the different ingredients of each product it can be expected. When this is applied with other top quality M&K products there is no issues what so ever as you would expect.


The final buffed result is a clean and deep gloss after an initial wax application. Even on chrome trim and gloss plastic the results were very good. Simple to apply and simple to remove as well.

The light mist/drizzle gave a satisfying tight bead.

With heavier rain a few days later the beading was also very good and easily ran away on slightly sloped surfaces like the bonnet (hood).

I even applied some to the wheels for a little protection, just to see what it would do, the results were extremely good as well.


A simple to use product, depending how you want to use it. I didn’t give this full marks as I’m aware of some inconsistencies of other products. Not a huge problem in itself, but can be annoying to have to do the panel twice. On the other hand, applying twice wouldn’t be the end of the world as it will just make sure the coverage is fully applied.

Ease of use – 9 out 10

Finish – 9 out 10


This depends on how you use the product. Mitchell & King offer dedicated sealers before a wax, even though this is also marketed as sealer as well. This product is a bit of a Jack of all trades, thus making it great value for money. I believe the product is best as a top up protection coating.

Sealer – I have used this as a sealer and it does the job fine and the wax applies easy enough on top of it.

Top Up – This is the only slight bug bare if used with a particular market leading brand on the high street, on some other brands it was fine with no streaking issues at all.

Stand Alone – Yes it applies as a stand-alone product, and will do the job. But i can’t help but think that a proper application of a wax would be more beneficial.

So, I would recommend this product as a winter top up for waxes to keep the hydrophobic properties on your paint. The longevity depends on the harshness of the weather, but I would say an easy six weeks protection. I would say a wash and wax to get the dirt of, dry the car and apply this as quick extra layer.

Much easier to apply than a sprayable wax with this products simple wipe on and wipe off.

If you have the product without incompatibility issues then this is a breeze to use. Sometimes a couple of applications could be needed to get a glossy streak free result.

The cost of the product is very reasonable and goes a long way with how its applied with very little waste.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes


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