Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer +

What Do You Get?

The bottle comes in a 16oz (472ml) or 32oz (946ml) sizes with a flip-up lid. The contents are a watery consistency with a warm grey look to it. It smells absolutely wonderful like wild berries.


£11 for 160z bottle

The Sales Pitch:

Turn on the ultimate gloss with Poorboy’s quick detailer plus(QD+)!

Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS is an easy on, easy off formula. Apply it in the sun or shade! Just spray and buff to instantly clean the paint and improve its shine.

Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS cleans and protects your vehicle any time, anywhere. Poorboy’s unique formula contains real Brazilian carnauba and polymers to give your vehicle a quick boost of shine and protection. QD+ helps reduce fading and oxidation with regular use. Maintain your vehicle’s showroom shine with Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS.

Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS is the perfect detail spray for touch-ups after waterless washing. Just spray and buff to remove light dust, fingerprints, smudges, and smears. The carnauba and polymer formula leaves a slick, protective coating on the paint that resists fading and oxidation. Over time, your vehicle will stay cleaner between details.

Use Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS anytime your paint needs a boost. The super slick polymers and natural carnauba enhance the existing paint protection while improving the paint’s gloss. Your vehicle stays protected longer!

Use Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS after each wash to prevent water spots. After you towel dry your vehicle, mist the paint with QD+. The polymers and carnauba will restore the gloss while removing fresh water spots.

In between details, Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS is an excellent way to maintain the shine. Just spray and wipe!

Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS is an easy on, easy off formula. Apply it in the sun or shade! Just spray and buff to instantly clean the paint and improve its shine.


The first thing to note is the fact they say “spray” which is a little difficult when you have a flip-up cap. So I decanted the bottle into a spare Meguiar’s spray bottle. Shake well. Wipe onto the surface then, with another clean microfiber cloth buff to a finish.



The car had returned back from a show and was more dusty than dirty. I used a California Duster to take the dust of the car first before the application of the detailer.

Taking the spray onto the roof and squirted a mist over half the roof and wiped it over for an even spread. The solution all but disappeared at this point and was easy enough to apply, just like water. I find that you have to spray a generous amount on the panel to get a good coverage. But no more than other products of a similar nature.


I took the second clean micro fiber cloth and started to buff over the same area. At this point the buffing was not smooth and almost felt a drag like a wax paste not buffed off fully leaving an oily swipe mark. I could see streaks on the paint work and had to buff over the area again with a another clean micro fibre towl. This took some doing to get the streaks of the paint. Repeating the process for the rest of the car.

(I tried many times to take photo’s of the streaks, but they just didn’t show up, sorry.)


The results once buffed off for a streak free finish it was pretty good. But the effort to get there was hard work.

I tried again a few days later taking the cover of the car and applying to the trunk area. The spray this time it went on easier, and buffed off to streak free result. The second application made not difference to the depth of shine where re-applied. To date I have detailed the car three times with this product and used half the bottle to make sure what I am saying is correct.


Water beading is not bad, but I am not left with a lot of confidence that it will last long.


From what I can work out this doesn’t like to be applied to anything other than a very clean freshly washed paint work. The instructions do suggest “bucket wash, or use Poorboys spray and wipe waterless wash first”.

My car is always cleaned before a show, but driving there will get bugs or road dust on the car. For me when I get to a show I just want to top up my shine to make it look it the best it can be. So to wash and dry the car then “quick detail” defeats the whole point. Time is a premium when at a show to get the car looking it’s best.

I was disappointed to say the least on the paint work needing to be cleaned first for an ideal application. The up side is that it works very well on chrome bright work and wheels with a single application, no streaks on metal into an awesome shine.

Score: 6 out 10

As this is supposed to be quick detailer it was far from quick to get a top result I want.

Applying two applications would remove the previous streaks easy enough and buff to the same shine as a single application.

I gave a score of 5 for the paint work finish, but I gave an extra point for the great chrome shine to take the score up to 6. Not a very good score overall. On the up side I was impressed with the way it quickly cleaned the chrome though. As this is nearer the top end for quick detailer by volume/cost so I expected more to be honest.

Would I recommend it? No.

Would I buy it again? No.

The recommendation for this product is difficult. However, once cleaned and buffed properly, it did give a good result. The process is not quick and took ages to buff properly when the paint is less than pristine and not freshly washed. I dare say I will get grief saying the paint should be cleaned first etc. The previous car clean was washed and waxed with Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax only a few days before the show and was only dusty. I have used other Quick Detailers in similar scenarios with much better results. The product does say “Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer PLUS cleans and protects your vehicle any time, anywhere.” Why do you have to clean the car if this is supposed to clean it?

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