Brake Booster (Part 1 – Removal)

Brake Booster – Optional Extra on this car from the factory.

I have already done this once, I removed the surface rust and applied a few very good coats of lacquer as I like the natural polished steel look.

But as you can see from the pictures the rust has returned with a vengeance.  So I decided to remove it and start again. This time I will de-rust it again, treat it and then spray it.

The Booster is held to the firewall by a mounting. In between that the top of the brake pedal has a locating bar and locking clip. The brake reservoir is held to the front of the booster by two bolts. Undo these and remove. This will allow easier access to the vacuum pipes at the bottom. remove the pipes or unclip them.

Undo the Brake line from the reservoir and then the two bolts, it will just come off. The next is to remove the four bolts at the back of the booster. This will free the booster to move it around a bit more. The pedal can now be moved to line up the bar to the holes in the bracket. Remove the locking pin, and remove the bar, this will only be able to be moved from one direction, depending on which side it was put in. Once the bar is removed the whole thing will lift away.

Once the parts are laid on the table you can see the surface rust reappeared. My idea didn’t work, I was hoping it would but life goes on and will have to do it differently now.

I will update this once I have treated the rust and post some more pictures.

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