Simoniz Bug Shifter

What Do you Get:

500ml for £5 approx

Sales Pitch:

Our powerful stain removing formula, created by our technical team, was developed in the laboratory and tested on the road. Safely removes harmful bird droppings, insect smears & tar. The formula effectively removes dirt without damaging paintwork, windscreens, glass, bumper and exterior mirrors.



I tried this on two cars that both had insects splats and bird lime on them. Pics here show the areas I was trying to clean.

These splats had been on the car for a while at the front and the bird dropping been on there for a week or so on the back. I sprayed a generous  amount onto each section and waited for the minute or so like it said.

I wiped over with a clean cloth and no change. It was still there, OK, so I tried again, waited and it was still there.

From the pictures you can see that any non flat horizontal surface the bright green liquid just runs away fromantic where it was applied. That just can’t be working on the splat in that case can it? Forgive me if I am being thick here, but the water like liquid is not thick enough to stay in place.


It doesn’t work hardly at all and it’s a waste of money. It did manage to remove some very minor marks but made no impact on the other marks. The sun was out on and off mostly cloudy, but not baking hot with no wind. I even tried keeping the area wet with the product, but all I was doing was adding to the running drips and the puddle on the floor, I may have just as well squirted it on the floor. The good part of this review is that this stuff looks like toxic waste and is easy to see where you (should) have applied it.

The pic here is after an application and wipe over. Still there.


Other tests on the internet rate this Simoniz product well, I bought this product on those recommendations. I paid for this stuff out of my own pocket, so I can have my opinion which will ALWAYS be non biased independent review for anybody and any product.

Maybe I was doing something wrong, but two cars on the same day with the same results. I have previously used this on other cars in the past before these two cars, again also with poor results.

The only thing this stuff “dissolved” was my money.

I try to remain positive and objective about my reviews, but this one I’m finding it difficult. In comparison I have used Autoglym Bird Dropping single use wipes with excellent results (a pack of 10 for around £6). More expensive granted, but they work and always keep a packet in the car.

Rating: 1 out 10


I think the issue is that the liquid didn’t get a chance to work on the splats. I found the best way to remove the marks was to soak them with water and use a top quality shampoo to shift it all. Or, I have used the waterless wash systems and the Autoglym wipes I mentioned before both of which work very well.

Would I recommend it? No.

Would I buy it again? Never.

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