Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner

Cost: £15.00 approx

Date of Review: 22/7/2018

The Sales Pitch from Poorboy’s World:

Poorboy’s Spray and Rinse is a powerful, citrus wheel cleaner that is strong enough to remove brake dust and road grime without any agitation.

Simply spray all four wheels thoroughly and then rinse it off with water for completely clean wheels. No scrubbing or brushing is required.

After washing your wheels apply a coating of Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant. This offers protection from dirt and grime and ensures your wheels are even easier to wash next time around.

Available in 32oz (946ml) or 128oz (3.78litre)

Source: https://www.poorboysworld.co.uk/shop/poorboys-world-spray-rinse-wheel-cleaner/

What You Get:

A bottle that holds 320z and trigger. This is a big bottle in comparison to other similar products.

Product Description:

This is a product that is supposed to clean wheels without the need for scrubbing or rubbing to get it clean.

I have used many, many wheel cleaners and Meguiar’s has been the best so far, all be it that it needed two applications and a bit of scrubbing to get the wheels clean. I had researched quite a bit on this product to see what was the best, so I let the wheels build up on both cars to a nice thick bit of brake dust over a number of months to see what would happen on the two different cars.

This product is supposed to be safe on Clearcoated, Chrome, Painted and Plastic.


The main thing they say here is not to be used on hot wheels or uncoated wheels.

Wet the wheels first and then spray on the product to allow it to work for a few minutes.

That’s it.


I had snow foamed the car and washed to get most of the grime of the cars and then rinsed the cars. While I was at it I rinsed the wheels making sure they were also cool at this point.

First car.

Second Car.

The spray is a good quality spray and the product does not have the gimmick of turning red while working. You only get to see the grime running off. This is not a thick spray foam idea either, it does cling to the wheels, but too much will make it run. The consistency is sort of slightly thicker water that mists well out of the trigger. The smell is the usual acidic smell of wheel cleaner but is not a strong as some others.

Here is a close up of the dirt after spraying the first wheel.

I gave a good spray on the first wheel and worked around the car spraying all over the places. In all about a two minutes max or so to go all round the wheels.


The theory is that jet wash the product and grime off to leave a clean wheel.

First car.

First car had a little left over on couple of the spokes and little run mark. I went around again with a second dose with the same amount of time. Jet washed off to this shiny wheel.

The second car was exactly the same principle and after the jet wash rinse this was the result.

There was again a couple of bits that needed a second go on a couple of the wheels.

After the second application and rinse of the result on car 2.



The results would have been better if I had taken time to go around all the parts and left it longer. I am always a little reluctant to leave acidic substances on wheels as I expected to see the chunks of paint falling of if I left it to long. If it’s safe on “Chrome” as it claims then it will be safe on most other wheels. In fact it does say that you can dilute the product.

In fact I would say leave time would be or should be around four to five minutes which will get it all cleaned up in a single application.

There was indeed; NO scrubbing or NO rubbing. the bits that were ingrained on in the corners was down to my lack of thorough spraying.

In fact if you look at the brake callipers it has cleaned those up well enough and they had never been cleaned before. That’s impressive too, perhaps I should take the wheels off and do them properly with this stuff.

Rating: 10 out of 10 (benefit of the doubt here)

Ease of use – so simple, spray the wheel and move onto the next.

Finish – awesome as good as new and no hard work to get there either.


Fantastic product, all those previous five-star reviews I had seen and read were in fact correct. I would say for some seriously dirty wheels like both my cars were, I could just spray on and move on. Perhaps to wait a couple of minutes and then a top up spray for the more difficult places would be a better idea.

I have docked Meguiar’s product a point for two applications and point for having to agitate or rub the stubborn bits to get the wheels clean. As I had no need to rub that’s a nine mark right there, and the fact I didn’t the leave the Poorboy’s on long enough or cover 100% then the second application is my fault.

Saying that, two applications with no rubbing will get the benefit of the doubt in this case regardless as it’s cheaper by volume than Meguiar’s product. Over four wheels with two applications, sixteen wheels treated in total, I have used around a third of the bottle so far.

Will anything better this? I sort of doubt it without being to caustic, we shall see.

Well done Poorboy’s World.

Would I recommend it? Oh yes. It will be a regular in my detail bag from now on.

Would I buy it again? Without a doubt.

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