Supernatural Tar & Glue Remover

Cost: £8 for a sample 100ml, £10 for 500ml or £40 for 5ltr.

Date of Review: 28/12/2018

The Sales Pitch from DoDo Juice:

Most tar and glue removers are pretty unpleasant to use, but not this one! Supernatural Tar & Glue Remover will do what it says on the label, and remove tar, rubber marks and most glue residues with ease – whilst being a pleasure to use.

It’s blended with pure, natural orange oil, and smells amazing. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend you inhale it deeply or smoke whilst applying it (it is still a very volatile solvent!) it does make tar removal a little more pleasant. Very handy for tar specks, rubber scuffs and sticker/vinyl residue. Just spray on and then buff the surface with a soft cloth until it is clean and dry.


What You Get:

Various sizes bottles, 100ml with a press spray, 500ml with a trigger spray or 5ltr refill container.

Product Description:

This product or solvent solition is designed to remove sticky residue, stuck rubber, or tar stuck to the car.


Spray on and wipe off and buff dry.


The product has a slight yellow tint to it and smells almost pleasant with the tang of citrus odour. There is a slight hint of some chemicals behind it, but they are masked well.

To apply is simple and the instructions says use sparingly. I had an old plastic spray bottle which I wanted to re-use. Typically the original label was permanent adhesive. To remove the label it tore and left that common tacky residue. I sprayed it onto the area with the label partially peeled away and also just the glue areas. A tough test for any remover.


Just wipe away the residue and buff until dry. Here are the before and after comparisons.

I also soaked the paper label and left it for a few seconds to soak in and it wiped off. Sometimes a second small spray is required to complete the clean up.

There was no greasy surface after application and dried quite quickly after buffing.


Brilliant. The label was removed within a minute or so. This will without a doubt remove sticky from anything. The smell was certainly not unpleasant but I would use it in a ventilated area.

Rating: 10 out 10

I was going to be very harsh and knock a mark of for the cost. In small bottles the cost is very expensive, the large refill makes great value for money.

Ease of use – 10

Finish – 10


The product works very well and can be used for multiple applications, inside the home and also for panel prep prior to clay bar or panel cleaning. A very versatile product indeed.

Buy the product in a larger bottle or buy it with a friend(s) and split it out to make it much much cheaper. Buying it the way I did in 100ml bottles would cost £350 for 5 liters. To buy the official refill of 5 liters is only £40

Would I recommend it? Yes, without a doubt.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but in a more cost effective way.

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