Happy 50th Birthday Mustang


Fifty years ago today 17th April 1964 there was a debut of one of the most iconic cars ever produced and turned the phrase “Pony Cars”, that car of course was the Ford Mustang. The Mustang was unveiled by Henry Ford II at the New York Worlds Fair costing $2,368.


Nothing before or since in the automotive world has rivalled the Ford Mustang’s launch spectacular across all media platforms. The car was even taken apart and reassembled on top of the Empire State Building. A feat which is due to be repeated for the 50th Anniversary by Ford.

The publicity was in the big magazines at the time (forgive the pun), such as Time, Life, Newsweek etc. TV adverts teased the viewer with “coming soon”, newspapers you couldn’t get away from “the” car for the masses. Dealerships were primed and ready to go for the big day. Ford’s publicity department absolutely nailed this launch and they have never looked back, except to see just what a massive impact the car had on the start of the American Muscle Car market. The Mustang has been copied but never equalled in status, design and that classic name “Mustang”. Ask anybody to name an American Muscle Car, you can bet that “Mustang” would be the first words they say. Every generation young and old seems to know what a classic Mustang is and can point one out of any model style going down the road.

The dealers were inundated with requests for the sleekly-styled new vehicle, to say it was an instant hit would be an understatement. In Garland, Texas, 15 customers thronged to bid on the same Mustang. The winning bidder resorted to sleeping overnight in his new car so that it wouldn’t be sold out from under him before his check could clear. Ford initially forecasted annual sales of about 100,000 units. On the first day alone, dealers took 22,000 Mustang orders. Shortly after its introduction, the fledgling vehicle’s success was official when it was featured on the racetrack as the pace car for the 1964 Indianapolis 500. During the Mustang’s first 12 months on the market, sales built to an astounding 417,000. Within two years, sales had catapulted to one million.

dubbed the 1964½, because it was launched at an unusual halfway point during the year. ” performance and luxury variants, which featured the most extensive roster of options Detroit had offered to date. Three distinct body styles were manufactured; convertible, hardtop and fastback. an original print ad declared, and it was true.

Everyone who owned a Mustang believed no one else had a vehicle like his, and yet the Mustang had enduring universal appeal. Despite its status as an icon of automotive lore, the Mustang remains as wildly popular as ever with enthusiasts everywhere, from the already five generations old of Mustang to the sixth starting in 2015.

Happy Birthday Mustang.

Long live the pony!

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It all hinges on…

…hinges on the weather.

Another good weekend on the car and I managed to dodge the household jobs. Or as the women out there know, I was let of doing some jobs around the house! This weekend has been a bit of a gamble with the weather. Saturday I was looking at the sky trying to predict if it would rain, so I put of the job I wanted to do on hold until today. Why am I banging on about the weather? Well, the job I had in mind was to replace the door hinges as they have play in them and you can feel the movement, plus the door doesn’t line up properly. As the garage is narrow for a Classic American Muscle car I would need to push the car out of the garage ope nthe door wide and then take the door off. If it rains it will get the inside wet and it would could end up with a wet puddle on the floor under the carpets. I did manage to get the left hand side (drivers) door off and replace the hinges at least. I will post pictures on a guide a bit later once I have done the other door, but I was pleased with the results. Again the parts were from Mustang Maniac, which were the replacement pins and the brass cups for the guides. I was treating things a little bit to gentle to start with and the pins were not moving at all. I got the Gibbs Brand on it, got the club hammer out and give it some therapy. A few beatings with that soon got the pin out and job done. The top hinge pin was the worst to get out of the two, it took a fair bit longer to get the whole thing clear as the top brass cup had split in it. All I can say is that when I put the door back on to my previous markings of the hinges, I was a little bit out, OK they were a lot out. The door would not shut at all. In fact the bottom of the door caught the sill about two-thirds away along the bottom of the door. It looked like clowns car if I am to be honest. Not good, but it did show me the level of adjustment that I could achieve. The next two hours made sure I knew what adjustment did what to the alignment. That door got progressively heavier and heavier with each adjustment. Now the door lines up fine with the rear quarter panel. I am happy the back muscles aren’t.


Saturday was spent in the man cave rubbing down the valance with very fine wet and dry paper on the primer. I had to refill a couple of tiny blemishes again but it all looks good now though and smooth. In the afternoon I decided to finish my review of the Gibbs Brand Lubricant. I have posted the review under the Reviews Menu – Consumables – Gibbs Brand Lubricant, or click here for the quick link. Again supplied by Mustang Maniac, If you have not tried this stuff, you need too! You just got to read the review and buy some. Buy it for the wife around the house, then pinch it back! 😉 (No I am not on commission before you ask! It’s just really good gear.)

full branding
full branding

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