Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tyre

Cost:  £15

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The Sales Pitch from Meguiar’s:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire allows you to quickly give your wheels and tires a just cleaned and dressed finish in one simple step. A car is not completely detailed unless the wheels and tires are done too. With this all-new formula, you can quickly and easily clean your wheels and tires while leaving tires with a moderately glossy appearance. Power through brake dust, road grime and dirt that accumulates from daily usage without using water. Simply spray your wheels and tires, and wipe down your wheels. Then, leave your tires alone and you’re left with a dark, rich shine and UV blockers that help protect your wheels and tires. Clean wheels, dress tires and protect both in just a matter of minutes!

  1. TWO-IN-ONE: Tire and wheel cleaner and tire shine in one
  2. ONE EASY STEP: Wipe away brake dust & road grime with one easy step
  3. MORE THAN A TIRE SHINE: Premium gloss enhancers leave your tires glossy with a dark, rich shine
  4. MAINTAIN WITHOUT WATER: Quick and convenient way to maintain wheels and tires without water 
  5. UV PROTECTION: UV blockers help to protect wheels & tires from the elements
Source:  https://www.meguiarsdirect.com/meguiars-ultimate-waterless-wheel-tire-24-oz.html

What You Get:

The usual high quality Meguiar’s spray head on their semi-translucent bottle which contains 709ml of the product.

Product Description:

Another waterless product from Meguiar’s this time for the dirtiest cleaning job on the car, the wheels and tyres.


So the instructions on the wheel reveal little gem; ‘For heavily soiled wheels a traditional wheel cleaner, such as Meguiar’s ultimate all wheel cleaner, is recommended.’ This product is more of a top up cleaner than an out and out cleaner.

The process is super easy as it’s a light mist and buff off again scenario. One side of the cloth to clean the grime off and the other side to buff it clean.


The wheel started out not to dirty but dirty enough to need a clean for sure.

The tyres were brown and greyed out due to the road grime. There was certainly an evidence of brake dust on the wheels.

I misted over half the wheels to try and show the now 50:50 shot which is becoming very popular.

The tyres certainly came up cleaner and the shine was there to see. It was not the super glossy look that comes with their other product(s) you can use.

I found that the microfibre cloth could be a be to delicate for the more stubborn areas so I used a firm round wheel brush to agitate the dirt away from the corners, then buff clean.

I found that the product worked much better than I expected it would. I tried this on particularly bad section of kerb rash.

Some of which came off after the first application. But a second spray used with the wheel brush again made a big difference.

Spraying directly onto the tyres makes the tyres shine a little more, or you can wipe away the excess to make a more satin look for the rubber. I did find that spraying this product onto our tarmac drive left some marks behind. The stains are gradually going, but the wife wasn’t to impressed.


Put your gloves on! This will make your hands dirty as you would expect. This cleaning product goes against the grain a bit as no water is used to clean the wheels. The wiping off of the product is easy enough, you just need a another clean cloth to buff to a shine. Simple and easy enough process.

For the heavy build up I sprayed wiped, and then re-applied to get a better clean, each wheel took around ten to fifteen minutes to clean as a result.

You don’t need to use a lot of the product and soak the wheels, spray on, agitate a bit, wipe off and buff to a shine.


I would say this was a more of a maintenance clean more than a deep clean. If you keep on top of the wheel cleaning regime then this product will be fine.

The product leaves behind a pretty good gloss, but not as good as a dedicated wheel polish and wax of course. The water did bead on the wheels when it rained on them.

Rating:  8 out 10

Surprising good results for a waterless wash on the worst part of a car to keep clean.

Ease of use 8 out 10 for a maintenance clean.

Finish – 8 out 10


For a deep clean of wheels that are very soiled wheels use the normal methods. For a top up clean and maintenance clean this is ideal.

To make this product even better and easier to use I would use a a wheel protection guard like alloy wheel seal or a wax of sorts. This will stop the worst of the brake dust and road grime sticking to the wheels, then use this product to wipe the grubbiness straight off in no time at all.

A good product that surprised me. Keep on top of your wheel cleaning then this is a great time saver.

A thought is that if this is sprayed onto the wheels and goes through onto the other parts of the brakes will it have a detrimental effect? I don’t have an answer for that. There again you could always spray onto the cloth and wipe. This method won’t be as effective and will take more work to get results.

Would I recommend it? Yes, for a quick clean and maintenance.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but look for it on a discount.

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