First part review

As promised I have uploaded the Pertronix Flame Thrower II Ignition Kit review.

I have attached photos so you see the results here or go to the button. This is a real quality update for the classic mustangs and is worth doing if your not worried about concours restoration that is.

Today I also removed the left side fender in order to de-rust and fill. Could be a long job! My saving grace is that my man cave (shed), is big enough to allow me to work on it. I may review a tool next and attach some links to web sites I get my parts from.

Have a good weekend.

About One man and his Mustang

I'm just a man with a Classic 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe and an ever increasing collection of car detailing products to keep it clean. When I first started this blog this is what I wrote: "I had bought a project car that had been neglected, set fire to, rusted and abused. As a result of all that the car needed a bare metal strip down, a nut and bolt restoration." Four and a half years later the car was completed, on the road and shown at the UK's premier Classic Car Show, everything that was done to that car is documented here. I now have the privilege to drive one of America's most recognised cars and a true Icon, the Ford Mustang. I'm still sane after the blood, sweat and tears, so would I do it again? Oh yes!
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