bumpers wall

2 thoughts on “bumpers wall

  1. Its the new modern art, if Monet was around he wouldn’t have painted lilies he would have painted Mustangs. But your suggestions have now been noted, how about old headlights for table lamps, back up lights on the Christmas tree, Mustang car mats in the living room instead of rugs? Between us we have cracked a niche in the market!

  2. Picasso and Ansel Adams have nothing on you. Bumpers on the wall…a new art form! Where will it all lead? Hubcaps in the hall, tires on the treadmill, steering wheels on the staircase? Seriously, you did it and so glad for you. I know you feel better knowing they are safely ready for when you can work with them. We’ll make it through the winter and then all things Hot Rod will break lose.

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