Brake Booster Removal & Charity

Well that’s Monday over with, and now sitting here wondering where the weekend went and will I make it through the week? Yeah, it was a manic and frustrating weekend but I did get lots done. The brake booster is off and so is the wheel. I have posted pics of the booster under the photos section – engine bay, or click here for the fast link.

The next task is to treat the booster and get it back in.


On another note, I would like to say well done to Will who gave up drinking beer for the whole of January for charity, that’s a great achievement. Your money is waiting for you at your garage. Oh, don’t forget to drink the next few beers slowly. 🙂

A little while ago I had an idea about my car. Once I get my Mustang back on the road I was thinking of taking it to a children’s hospice and take the children for a ride around the block as it were, they would be able to wave to their friends as it growls down the road. Hopefully they would enjoy it and give them something to talk about and remember. I bet the dads would enjoy it and want a ride too. Lol. But, will I be allowed to do it or not remains to be seen with our child protection laws as they are. What a sad world we live in if you can’t even do that now days.

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2 thoughts on “Brake Booster Removal & Charity

  1. Thanks for the comments. I really hope I can do it, the look of joy on a childs face is something else. I would enjoy sharing my pride & joy with others.

  2. Nice blog bro, I like the charity Idea, I am always glad to see people who like to take care of those around them. To me the true definition of patriotism is those who are willing to help there neighbor, Not just people who say thank you to a Soldier. If more felt that way we would all live in a better place. Any ways great idea, I hope it works out for you.

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