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Many moons ago….

When I left school I took a four-year apprenticeship in Lithographic Proofing, that was hand feed pre-production runs of no more than twelve copies. Sadly that trade died with the onslaught of computers. As a result of my proud trade that took me years to master, I have seen the usual adverts for hair products, cigarettes,  perfume, vinyl record sleeves, video cases, jewellery, auction houses promotional posters, books and various posters. Some of them never went to press but most did. The advantage is that I still have some of those posters for Rolls Royce, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Dean, Ayrton Senna, Mac Trucks, Ford etc. I mention the background history for a reason, I have always loved rare posters and photos and kept what interested me especially the cars stuff as I have always been a petrol head since I can remember. Why, I’m not sure, I was aways considered the black sheep of the family because of it as everybody else liked football (soccer). From those early days I had my bedroom wall covered in the posters of cars and some I put in frames. A few days ago I wasn’t feeling too good, so I was hunting around on the net for images of rare Mustangs. Yeah, I found some good pics, but what caught my eye was these old adverts that Ford came up with for their Mustangs. I’m not sure with all the politically correct brigade out there now that they could get away with some of them today. What struck me was the way that the times have changed, “featuring all vinyl interiors” and the like. I just had to share these, due to the age and perhaps not so good scans of them they are difficult to read, but you get the idea though. I did try and get better copies but without much luck. Perhaps a little self-indulgent on my part, but hopefully they can be appreciated for what they are, a little piece of history of a great car. I wonder if anybody can remember these adverts at the time and maybe had them on their walls. I am also looking to do my garage up with some old vintage metal signs, you know the sort, Champion, Michelin, Ford,  Shell, Esso etc, I just have to keep my eyes open in the antique shops, but I havn’t had much luck so far. I hope you like them as much aa I do.

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8 thoughts on “Classic Adverts

  1. I totally agree. Wouldn’t it be great to find a worthy car (let’s say in a junk yard) look at the VIN# then trace its history back the other way.? This would make for a good coffee table book or perhaps a Sunday night movie. History can be such a powerful thing. I have many such ideas that I just don’t seem to have the time or resources to fulfill.

    1. Great idea, it would be a book I would buy that’s for sure. I can see it as a movie too, celeb owned the car, trashed it, fan bought it and restored it, celeb buys it back, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Spielberg eat your heart out, lol.

      1. Okay I just typed about 100 words that somehow got lost. If it magically resurfaces then enjoy….In any even event…I’m wondering what time it is there at this exact minute. Its 9:49pm here. PS Perhaps there might be some money to be made by our coffee table book ideas!

        1. Hi Debbie, the time is 4.07am, your about 5 1/2 hours behind me. I have a sleep disorder which roughly translates that I virtually never sleep all night and wake up at some point. Sometimes its a few minuts at worst it can be hours. Today/tonight is a not so good night, hence surfing the blog. I may try again in a bit to get back to sleep. Hollywood here we come. Any budding film producers out there give us a shout. 50/50 split for us. Love it.

          1. I blame my father for my sleep habits. It seems I just don’t go to bed at all. Bed around 1 up around 6. That’s a good 5 hours of sleep. Old age will weigh in very soon and have a word or two to say about these habits. Oh, well. PS yes, 50/50 all the way.

  2. Such an amazing selection of outstanding pictures. I have a stack of my dad’s old Hot Rod magazine. You have just inspired me to revisit them. PS Antique stores…check yes!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      When you go through those old magazines do you ever think to yourself “I wonder where that car is now and what does it look like now?” The magazines should go back to them in say say ten years later to find out. That would be worth the read, have they still got the car, issues with it, got another one? Etc….
      I used to collect Custom Car magazine in the UK pretty much the same thing. I ended getting rid of them, that I now realise was a mistake.
      Thank you for the comment too.

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