9 comments on “Feeling Drained

  1. Favorite tip is #3. I must admit…I’ve been guilty of this a time a two, but I honestly think it’s because we mindfully sophisticated gals think we might want to add our hints and advice while holding the torch, you know…to be useful! Great post as usual…also…Spring is coming and that means more time to tinker on the car!! Can’t wait.


    • Hi Debbie, thank you. We did have a laugh and we just sort of went with it instead of stressing. When the water was gushing out the look on her face was a picture. That sort of set the tone for rhe day. Looking forward to the decent weather I must say, I can’t ger much done at the moment.


      • You should have seen some of the arguments my wife and I have had over things because I’ve expected her to know how to do something which to me was just obvious but it turns out not to be the case – take towing my Land Rover out of the workshop for example. It has no steering rods connected yet so you need to push the tyres to one side or other as the truck is being towed out in order to get it to go where you want it. As I was driving the other Land Rover doing the towing I asked my wife to keep the tyres pointed correctly to allow the vehicle to pull out in the desired direction onto the drive. Sadly after the Land Rover nearly impacted into the workshop wall several times or towed out in completely the opposite direction to where I’d wanted it, it turned out that my wife needed precise and highly detailed guidance in which way to push or pull the tyres in order to steer it……she is an intelligent woman but has no common sense when it comes to some very basic things. Of course it was my fault for not explaining all this to her first even though I had no idea that anybody would not know which way to point the tyres to get the truck to go in the correct direction…… 😉


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