She’s Back Home

Fantastic news this week which I am very excited about to say the least! My car passed her first MOT since being restored a few days ago with no advisories at all, a clean pass in fact. What that means is now my car is considered to be road worthy to be allowed on the roads, quite an achievement after being rebuilt from every single nut and bolt that was on the car. That in turn that means that I can now go through a major performance of trying to register the car for a UK registration plate. This is known to be a painful experience and is bound to wipe the smile straight off my face. But, I will keep you updated on that process as time goes along to see if the red tape process is as bad as they actually say it is.

Pictures of the car going for her MOT test on a cold chilly December day 2015.


So, after a few of years at Mustang Maniac my car has made her triumphant return journey back home. I think I am allowed a little artistic author creativity here.  Adam managed to grab the LAR covered truck in order to her home to me. Technically as it does not have any vehicle documents I wouldn’t be allowed to drive it. But Adam can drive it on trade plates to get it home for me. That huge distance was a massive few feet at the most, from the back of the trailer to my garage. We decided to trailer it back so as not to tempt fate with the local law enforcement agencies who could be a pain in the.. anyway moving on!

After a drive of just over sixty miles door to door we arrived at my house. The garage had sort of been emptied ready for the new resident just before it got dark.

Adam jumped in and fired her up to get her in the garage.

The next day i had every intention of cleaning my car, but as it hasn’t stopped raining for the last two days i haven’t been able to. So I have now already done something I wouldn’t do, that’s cover her up dirty. Now, when “I” say dirty –  I mean a few water marks from the drops of rain that caught her, that is what I now consider dirty. The wife thinks it looks super shiny and can’t see what I am bangin’ on about. All Petrol/Gear heads know exactly what I mean and will see where I am coming from. Don’t worry, it will be cleaned, and waxed, and polished, and sealed – well you get the idea. So the garage had to be re-arranged in order for me to open the car door. That prompted me put a flag I have been meaning to do for a while now. I will be putting proper flooring down and the walls won’t be bare, for now it will be just fine. So as far as I am concerned, that’s one of the best Christmas presents I could have hoped for.


Welcome back home <?? name change ??>.

Just for a comparison, how she left here a few years ago.

Update – 14-12-2015 18:04

Out with the car this evening and the nameAnnalise just didn’t seem to fit. So I am going to have to come up with a other name. Not quite sure now what it will be. Any ideas let me know. One for the short list now is “Suzi“. I quite like it and it’s different. What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “She’s Back Home

  1. A real beauty and dream come true. I’m so proud of you and thrilled for the next phase of excitement. Way to go Mart!

    1. Yay, hi ya Debbie how are you? Missed you. Thank you for the lovely comments and yes so excited, i’m just like a little kid and I will definitely be posting some pics of the next phase as you put it. Happy Christmas from this side of the pond to you and have a great holidays.

  2. Really pleased for you, the car looks fab. However I am also rather envious of your garage which looks nicer on the inside than my house! I’m guessing you don’t have kids because you don’t seem to have piles of kids toys and bikes in every available space…. 😉

    PS. weather is awful here too, pouring down at the moment. I’ve taken the week off work and was due to get out and clean all the cars and give them a good wax before the worst of the winter road gritting gets started.

    1. Thanks. So good to have her back. The garage had to have a bit of plaster on it before the tool boxes went in there. As I don’t have kids, don’t drink or smoke I have to spend the money on something, oh yeah the mortgage. I wanted to get a first wax on her too, not that she will ever go on roads over the winter. It’s just a peace of mind thing I guess. I picked the right day as every other day has rained. Guess im a lucky boy for a change.

  3. Brillant to see she is home!!! from one of the replys – “there’s no place like home” then her name must be Dorothy!!! enjoy and lets see her on the road with you behind the wheel real soon!!

      1. We are good thanks, our Stag is back to metal ready to go the paint shop for her respray and we dropped the chrome off on Monday – getting exciting!!! we hope to display her at the restoration show in march – as a part of the way through restoration, fingers crossed!! Good luck with the registration and have a fantastic Christmas

        1. Glad to hear you are all good. This is like role reversal now, getting excited to see your paint job. I honestly believe that people love a part finished project to look at. 🙂
          Wishing all at the Stag Owners Club a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep on blogging.

  4. I must say, Mart even the cover looks Ford-ish. Indeed, as someone else said, well done, Sir. She is a beauty, blue beast. I am happy for your happiness. I have the feeling that you gonna put her on the road sooner than you think.

    1. Hi Dana, u seriously hope I can get her on the road, what with Christmas I can’t see it this year somehow. I was pretty pleased with the cover too. A match made in the garage not quite heaven 🙂

    1. Hi Bib, that or Eleanor would be the first options and i would agree. But I wanted something different to all the other cars called Sally. Annalise always has been the name for the time I gave had the car. Yet when she was sitting there it just didn’t feel right for some reason.

      1. I’ve had to come up with so many titles of the past five years, that I find my thoughts turn into clichés, song titles and well know lyrics.

  5. Well done sir you must be very proud.
    It would have been lovely to a picture of that young man Yogi, he is so good looking 💞

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