Making Up For It

Another car show yesterday, and this one was at the same place of the worst car show I had ever been to. Last April I was at Stonham Barns in Suffolk and there was just a handful of cars there. So what made me go back? Well the car club I belong to is Bury Retro Car Club, were at the last show I attended with them and they told me they were going to be having a club stand at Stonham with a limited number of cars. So I agreed to be there to support the club at least. The day arrived and the weather was good so I had nothing to lose, even if it was just for a drive out in the car. I was going to be half an hour early for the gates opening, as I got closer to the event I was caught in a traffic jam of classic cars. Things were looking up and the cars were moving at a steady pace to get in. At the gate I was waved through after showing my car pass and directed around the field to the top of the field to a prime location for the club. Excellent organisation by the guys who arranged this show. I said my greetings to the club guys and had a pleasant chat before I had a wander around the show. The club had managed a gazebo with a nice selection of chairs too. The cars all looked great with classics, to sports cars and a Spider Van which was hand painted by a graffiti artist.

The field was segregated into many various clubs and sections.

The American car section with a few familiar cars.

Various clubs around the field, I spotted a light blue ’66 Mustang with a rare white vinyl roof, owned by a friend of mine David.

Perhaps my favourite of the show? For some reason I could see me in this truck. What an amazing machine, first time I had seen one up close, the classic Freightliner!

My final set of pics was around a great little story; an American guy called Larry was showing his grandson my car, and telling him about the Mustangs he used to own. My ears pricked up and I went over to talk to him. It turns out that he was stationed in RAF Lakenheath which was also where my car was imported to from Virginia. His grandson was called Harry and showed an interest in my car. I asked the little guy if he wanted to sit in it and he looked to his grandad for approval, who agreed. I took a couple of photos of the little guy ‘driving’ and looking happy in my car. I asked permission if it was OK to post the pics and gave Larry one of my blog business cards so he knew where to check out my blog and see himself on the internet! I hope Harry will get a Mustang just like his grandad one day too. 🙂

So it looks like I have been proved wrong about Stonham Barns who put on a good show after all, and I am well chuffed to see a good turn out for them, and they have made up for the poor show last time I was there. I have since found out that this event was organised by different people, so maybe that’s why this one was a success with around a thousand odd cars wedged into a large field.

Sorry for the large post, but I hope you liked it.

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23 thoughts on “Making Up For It

    1. That is a great review of the 50th Anniversary edition. Turbo? Hmm I can see where Ford are going and the rest of the world come to that. The ecoboost is a great engine and more than a match for some of the v8s it has to be said.

  1. Wow! Thanks again for the awesome post. Your photos are amazing. I had no idea that there were so many classic American cars in the UK. And you captured an Email type Jaguar, one of my all time favorites. Thanks again.

      1. Wow! I had no idea. I have always loved the E-type Jags since I was a little kid. We used to drive by a house on the Fort Bliss military base that had a British racing green one. Loved it.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love seeing the little guy behind the wheel of your car. As for the lovely blue (and very large) truck… Let’s get that approved with the wife first! Hee hee! Lots of car love from this side of the pond!

  3. Thank you Mart for the good word’s in your story and again many thanks for sharing your time with us. Harry still talks about your car and like you I hope he get’s his own Mustang one day. Best wishes. Hope to see you on many more show’s.

    1. Hi Larry,
      Thank you very much or dropping by, I was hopping you would to see the photos of the little guy Harry. It was pleasure to speak to you and i’m so pleased that Harry enjoyed it too. I will send you the photo’s I took full scale directly to your email.

  4. Pretty cool that this time it was a great show. So glad that you didn’t waste time, but had a great time.
    Loved the story of Larry and Harry. Did you find out when he was there and if the car you have was his? Now that would have made a great story!

    1. Thanks, I did ask him but the dates were all wrong to make it a perfect story, Larry was a real nice guy as well. The state he was from was wrong as well because my car came over from Virginia. He was telling me that he was going to bring over his fast back a few years ago, but his brother wrote it of in an accident. Such a shame.

    2. Larry is my father and shared the link with me. He had several Mustangs the last being a ’68 Fastback was Forest Heen. Not sure exact color name.

      1. Hi David, it was nice to meet both Larry and Harry. The best part was to see little Harry’s smile like that, I think you need to buy Harry a Mustang too. Thanks for taking time out to comment, I appreciate it. 👍

        1. Would like to haha. Harry is my nephew but I may be able to find one for sale here in Florida once he is old enough.

          1. He will be a lucky chap to be spoilt with a Mustang. I hope shows all his friends that he sat in a classic car and that he download the pictures to keep till he is older too. If you like I can send the full size pictures to you rather than the cut down reduced sized ones?

            1. Yes sir that would be awesome

              Email address attached to this post

  5. That was a really great classic bash. I had a few of the models in that show over the years.

    1. Thanks Timothy, I get to learn about the not so common USA cars while I am at it. I loved the red Chevy Bell Air and that huge freightliner. So much stuff there. That was just over half the photos I took!

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