Last Car Show?

The car show season seems to be coming to an end and the Autumn is creeping up on us quickly. This latest car show at Fornham was a few miles outside the main town of Bury St Edmunds. I had arranged to meet up with the Bury Retro Car Club at the local Tesco’s to get my pass for the show. As his is always a popular show entry is only via pre booked tickets. If you turn up without a ticket you will have to wait to see if there is a space to let you in or not, as that happened to me last year. I arrived at the supermarket and found an impromptu meet in the car park with cars arriving all the time to meet up with their friends and clubs. With plenty of people wandering around looking at the cars before the main show.

Out club being no exception, we left in convoy and arrived at the ground and parked up to our allocated spaces.

After everything had settled down a bit I had a chance to wander around and take in the view of some great cars.

I got to speak with a lovely family about their car that they had inherited from their Uncle who had sadly passed away after an illness. It turns out this fastback was originally an export model and the vin number seems to confirm that. The car has a huge provenance of paperwork where receipts for spark plugs had all been filed away and documented. This car has all its original panels on it. The reason for the different trunk was that there was a dent in it which was removed but just not got round to repainting it again before he passed. We were talking for ages and the more I heard about this car the more I wanted to know. The car has all sorts of additional locks on it and alarms as the uncle was paranoid about it getting stolen. I can see his point here I must say.

I hope to catch up with them all again soon.

This may well be the last show of the year for me that I have scheduled, and the others I have made a note on depends very much on the weather.

In the future I am to limit my pictures to no more than fifty of a car show or at least split it up into parts if it’s a particularly worthy show.

My Reviews:

I have writing a few reviews for the car detailing products which I have bought with my own hard-earned money.

The first is the Chemical Gus detailer which can be found here. or cut & paste below.

The Meguair’ MT320 Dual Action polisher can be found here. or cut & paste below.

The DoDo Juice Lug Nut cleaner can be found here. or cut & paste below.

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I have also added a little logo to the right hand side menu bar. This is for the McAfee Secure website notification. In other words it’s regularly scanned for viruses and phishing etc. Although this aimed at retailers, it can’t hurt to be safe with all these hackers out there! So you can browse knowing full well that this site is safe and I have paid for the service from McAfee. I am trying to see how the plugin works with my WordPress plan so I will keep you updated on that.


My thoughts go out to you ALL in the USA and Barbados who are being battered by the recent hurricanes causing untold damage. I hope it’s all over soon and you can start to get back on with your lives again.

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9 thoughts on “Last Car Show?

  1. Thanks for the great story. I really appreciate your photos. It is quite interesting to me how much similarity there is between the car shows in the UK and here in the US. You all even have the chairs out behind the cars. Don’t feel you need to limit the photos; that makes it like I was at the show too. By the way, your Mustang is really beautiful.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. The chairs thing is quite popular, as they just sit by the cars once parked up. I like to have a wander around first before i sit down and usually fall asleep if i’m luckyand the sun is out! . 🙂

  2. I hadn’t realized that your typical car show season was so short. Ours can run well into November, sometimes even to December, depending on the weather. Glad you made this one and I love seeing all the pictures you post.

    1. Yeah the “season” is short i guess due to our rotten weather. There are few more around until next month then they sort of stop. I won’t take mine out in the wet to a show. Buyt if it rains while i’m there I cant do alot about it.

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