Mustang Convoy To Helmingham Hall

The second of a two show weekend was held at Helmingham Hall, another very big and well supported car show, this show is aimed at the car enthusiast more than a simple family day out. There was talk of this show being a let down due to the very well advertised second day for the Festival of Wheels which was being held as well in a similar location. This beautiful building is so well photographed it’s hard to take something a little different. It was a perfect day for a car show too.

I was supposed to meet up at around eight in the morning with the rest of the Mustang going to the show. Unfortunately one of our dogs decided to do a Houdini special on me and disappear down the road. This obviously meant that I was going to play silly chase with the little guy, which in turn made me late. I eventually caught him after couple of minutes and the walk of shame back home. I jumped in the Mustang and set off for the show. At the turning I supposed to meet the guys they were all on there way out and I was flagged down to join them. What a result. There was about thirty Mustangs all in convoy. All be it only four including mine were classic Mustangs. As we pulled into the show ground I managed to grab a picture of the cars in front and some of those that followed me into the show ground.

Simply Mustangs had a great showing and looked pretty impressive.

There was such a diverse range of cars on show I selected just some of the ones I liked best. On a post like this there is not much need for lots of words, the pictures do the talking.

I was very pleased that I went to this show instead of the Festival of Wheels as it was so much bigger, better organised and much busier.

Thanks to the Simply Mustangs UK on Facebook for letting join them and making me feel very welcome.

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5 thoughts on “Mustang Convoy To Helmingham Hall

  1. Mart, great photos of what looks like a wonderful show. That Imperial convertible is a boat! I cannot imagine how that things fits down the roads of the UK. Your Mustang really stands out among the newer models. Looks great.
    Best, Richard

  2. Thanks for the wonderful photos and the story about your car show. There are so many that we never see here in the states like the Jaguar E Types, the old Astin Martin – looks just like a James Bond car, and the row of Mini Coopers. Looks like that was a fun time for you. Did you place for any show prizes?

    1. Thanks Tim, you picked a few beautiful cars there, such works of art. We tend to see the same cars at these shows, but I can’t complain. It was a great day yes, such a diverse mix of cars. As for your question, the Mustang stand I was on had a an owner’s vote, I got a 3rd place which I was very pleased about. I certainly wasn’t expecting that as I don’t expect and trophies, I go for the fun of showing my car to be with other like minded people.

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