Hat Trick (Part 1)

The third show of the year was Sunday 6th September at Glemham Hall. This was a new show for me and located the other side of the Suffolk county for me, not far away just a thirty five minute drive with as many miles. We all had to be there before 10am so I left a little after eight fifteen as I had to get some fuel. I eventually got there at just before nine. Then it happened, I hit a traffic jam. I sat in traffic for forty minutes trying to get to a single track lane to get to the fields. I was watching my fuel go down and the temperature go up. Not the best start to the day I must say. To compound matters we had to cross to the other side of the road, that means the cars coming from the other side of the road just kept pilling in before we got a break by some kind soul to let us in. I later found out that the queues were five miles long later in the day. The local constabulary weren’t to impressed apparently.

Not only that when we got inside they then had side by side queues, they were let in a few at a time into the field. Which helped a bit, but there should have been a public access and exhibitors entrances. I hope the organisers are reading this as well.

Anyway this was a huge show and I will have to split it over two posts. I took loads of photos and I have filtered them out to my favourites. Panoramic 360 view is new one for me but here it is.

I parked up just anywhere so it seemed, as there was lots and lots of space.

As always in no particular order a selection of cars that caught my eye as I wandered around.

I will post part 2 tomorrow.

Teddy – Part 2

On the 30th of August 2020 I was at a car show at Lavenham where my little Mustang mate Teddy had a pic with my car. A very polite and respectful little guy. This was the photo I took at the time.

I mentioned that I didn’t manage to get one of him sitting in my car. His dad Graham emailed me the missing picture.

Thank you Graham for your permissions and for sending me the photo.

There you go Teddy – You’re famous again 🙂

Same time tomorrow for part two of this show.

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