Hat Trick (Part 2)

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, I will continue with the rest of the photo’s I took.

I want to start with this car which perhaps was my favourite of the day:

Again in no particular order more from the Glemham Hall Car Show;

There were a few Super cars there:

There was also some stalls there but nothing worth looking except this one, ‘Are you not entertained?’

There was a commercial vehicle section;

Military vehicles;

There was even some rather nice motorcycles too;

It was a good show but marred by the queue to get out as well, this time not as bad but still filtering out through a single path for the want of a better word took about fifteen minutes and I even left an hour before the close.

I bet you thought I had forgotten to mention the weather? Well I can’t believe that I have been to three shows and it hasn’t rained on me. So that has to be a hat trick of good luck.

As I type this post, the rumour of the last show I was intending to attend is under threat due to the Covid issue. Will I get to the all American show at the end of the month? Or was the three shows I visited this year it? I just don’t know, yet.

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12 thoughts on “Hat Trick (Part 2)

  1. Hello! My friend Timothy told me about your blog! I can’t wait to share my 66’ mustang with you. My husband and I built her from the ground up. ❤️

  2. We have such different cars at shows here in the US, I really enjoy seeing the range of cars you have there in the UK, such interesting stuff!

    It’s hard to tell from the photos but the gold colored car at the top of the post is a kit, yes? I don’t recognize it in the slightest

      1. Hi Jerry, I mentioned that it had a Jaguar steering wheel and it all falls into place now. Yes it’s a kit car. I must say it was a real nice car. Thanks for your comments and stopping by. 👍

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