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The last official car of the ‘Season’ if you can call it, for me was back at Stonham Barns. This was to be the American Car Show on the 27th September 2020. I woke up to a grey sky completely devoid of any colour at all, but no rain was forecast all day, well not on any apps anyway. The wife did tell me that it would rain, woman’s intuition I believe it’s called. I was having none of that and set off with high hopes.

I got there just after nine and there wasn’t a lot there, maybe fifty cars or so. I got told to park up with a two meter distance between the cars. No argument from me there.

There was a few ‘stalls’ setting up, but nothing great to be honest. When I walked around one guy told me that he had booked a pitch months ago, he wasn’t going to come on the day but thought why not? He wasn’t expecting to sell much due to the Covid restrictions and the weather.

Ah yes, the weather; it was now starting to spit that very fine mist almost rain. You know the stuff, it gets you damp and it made me miserable. Yet again this show was cursed with bad weather for the umpteenth year on the trot.

I watched a few more cars turn up and get parked up. If you were part of the ‘Knuckle Busters’ club you got to park in the main central ring area.

The rest were lined up outside.

The car that really took my eye was this little AMC, a little rough in some places, but well loved.

A few big toys were on show too.

Perhaps the car with most interesting history was this Jeep. Apparently it was documented that this was the first vehicle to arrive on the scene of the Rendlesham Forest ‘UFO’ sighting in 1980. For more details on the incident click here.

After just one and a half hours I was cold and damp so I left early to go home. So the last show of the year had less than eighty cars there when I left. When I got home I had to clean and dry the car in the garage. Shortly after I had a snooze on the sofa, which sort of summed the day up really.

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21 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

  1. The paintwork on the green van is super. It wouldn’t be Britain if it didn’t rain ☔️. I’ve always got a brolly in my bag now, one minute sunny and bright the next throwing it down and when you’re only allowed out to work or walk you’ve got to get wet lol.

  2. your car looks so good!!! what color blue is that? i may paint my car the same color…i have a 1970 coupe that needs paint……… next year will be better for all the car shows i hope!!

    1. Thanks Ed, the colour is Ford’s Acapulco blue, with a metallic flake customised for me. The base colour was introduced 66/67.
      Looking to next year now for shows, but even that is not looking good at the moment.

  3. I love that some of these cars would never be allowed into a show here in the US. I’m thinking specifically of the 90’s era pickups, conversion vans, and that Buick station wagon with wood trim. Kinda cool to see them elevated to “car show worthy” over on your side of the pond.

    Agree, the Pacer with the lowrider-inspired wire wheels was particularly interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jerry, some of the cars seem pretty run of the mill stuff in the USA but our side of the pond we don’t see many. I think to go to any car show the cars need to be at least 25 years old. I’m a bit aggravated to see a 6 month old porsche or jaguar at a car show. If wanted to see that sort of car I would walk into any dealership.

      1. Well it seems we have that problem in common then. Hard to welcome someone into the hobby when their “show car” is something they are still making monthly payments on. Let’s be honest and say those belong in the car park. 😉

  4. Hey thanks for the great photos and to hell with the crap weather, you live in the UK hahaha. Last weekend here (4th October) the weather was just so good that I went out for a bike ride with Mrs Boss and we ended up at the stunning ancient site of Paestum, see,
    temperature was 26 all day mmmmm.

  5. Trying to get caught up on my reading. Great post. Too bad about the weather, but it is 2020 after all. Your photos made me long for last year, when life was normal.

    The COVID situation here in the US is bad, and especially so here in Utah. I haven’t done a car show since June, and my desire has waned. Mostly I have just been doing some drives – solo or with my wife. It is safe, and a good way to get the mind off of the mess we have.

    I really loved your photos, and had a good laugh with the AMC Pacer. I had a neighbor in high school that drove one. They used to remind me of the ‘Jetson’s’ cartoon.

    Well thank you for brightening my day.

    Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Tim, like you i long for normal days. That last show sort of ruined things for me, I just like driving around. All this upset seems like the norm now. As for the AMC it was such a quirky little car I liked it. Very unusual to say the least.

      1. Well, 2020 will go down as very weird and difficult year to say the least. It may become its own swear word, like “boy they sure 2020’d that all up.” We need to find some humor to keep our sanity. Best wishes my friend!

  6. Love the green airbrushed van and photos of your Mustang 🔥 looking forward for more posts!

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