A Refreshing Look?

Yesterday I had tried to add a couple of items to my menu bar and I ended up breaking it. 🙁 I managed to get it back again to a normal state but’s not how it was. I was getting constant ‘gateway errors’ and the menus wouldn’t update. I have since been in contact with WordPress Help a couple of times, and they informed me that the theme that I had been using is now eleven years old. I nearly fell out of my comfy office chair when that flashed up on my little chat window.

The task for today was to hunt through all the themes that are out there to see if I could get one to work. I had a priority list of must haves; the image header, custom text colours, post options and of course how it looks and feels.

I found a few but settled on this one. I have been able to edit everything I needed with a the help of a couple of plugins that I need in order to make it all work. So far so good.

Except the header image which is playing me around. 😡

The image I’m trying to use is this one from the pro shoot in Cambridge, which has my blog title and tag line on the picture. The heading space wouldn’t allow both a picture and site tittle for some reason.

The heading looks fine on a couple of browsers Chrome/Firefox and the occasionally on Edge. It works on the mobile phone with the menus via a drop down so it’s much cleaner look too.

If you look at the new design can you please let me know if you have any issues with it, either half showing or heavily cropped like this;

I got a nasty feeling I may have to change this all again. I hope not.

Why did I mess with it? Well, I wanted to add a little ‘For Sale’ heading as I have a little supply of some parts. The addition of the extra menu tab was just to much and the theme had a bit of a frothy fit and wouldn’t play ball anymore.

What I have for sale is a little supply of the genuine Summit Racing Universal Engine Lift Plates. These are aimed at the carburettor guys on any make of engine. at £14.00 + P&P its a right steal. Click here for more pics and details.

In the very near future I will be selling something quite unique for classic Mustang owners. The prototype works and I’m now in collaboration with Mustang Maniac to get them made in volume. It’s all very exciting so watch this space!

Back to this post, I think this is much needed update and clean modern look now. The menu bar should be at the top on a PC so it’s easier to navigate around. There area few little tweaks to the side bar and social media buttons to like and follow.

If ANYTHING doesn’t work or looks rubbish let me know and I will amend it. I’m still playing with some of the settings and I may need to change bits around.

Please let me know if you like it or you want the old back. I can take criticism and take it like a man.

I do have two car shows to post and I haven’t forgotten them, it’s just that I have been busy trying to sort the theme mess out. Funny how a hour or so has turned into nine hours already!

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19 thoughts on “A Refreshing Look?

  1. Your new page theme appears to work fine on my Firefox browser. I am seeing a different opening image than the header image in your text. I suppose you are still working the issue.
    I know of which you speak having just made a theme change in the Spring. My change from an ancient theme was the result of me wanting to use Flickr to store my images and to embed the Flickr URL into my post.
    My conversion was mostly successful once I quit using the block editor’s classic plug-in and started using the block structure to build my posts.
    It was a lot of work but I do like the result better.

      1. Is your theme still supported? I it’s a legacy theme, you can have all kinds of trouble. I’ve had to change themes when something happens or I go to make and change and it blows up because the theme is no longer supported.

        1. I think you summed it up well. It was 11 years old and not supported. I still may play around with subtle colour changes etc. But this is a wordpress theme, the chat guys sent me some code to add to the CSS and it started to do what I wanted then. Wot a total pain in the posterior to change a theme.

  2. Hi Mart, as you know my site is also on Word Press and lately it has been a mess for me. This new “editor” is for the birds; much more difficult and time-consuming. Just the other day though, I found that I can still use the old “editor”; you have to hunt it down though. Overall, on my PC your blog looks fine though. Good luck! We’re in this one together. Best, Richard

  3. The menu chops off your header on my laptop. You’ve described it as ‘heavily cropped’.
    I’m fed up with the changes WordPress have made to their editor. I’ve be trying to make it work for me for a couple of months, but nearly 20 clicks to insert an image and no obvious way of setting defaults is making posting a chore.
    The editor keeps doing odd things every now and again while I’m creating a post and I wonder if it’s actually a stable platform anymore.The functionality of the old editor has been reduced to uselessness so other than finding another platform (spoiling the look of the blog) or creating a site of my own, the options are thin on the ground.
    Are you stil using the old editor or have you gone to the new one?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Nigel. Thanks for letting me know. I guessed as much hence my prediction. I have spent a whole day getting nowhere. I’m pretty p**sed to be honest. The old editor was stable, these blocks are functional but are mess. One minute my heading worked, then it don’t. I will have to find another theme. I pay a lot of money to display a simple header picture. That has really chared me off.

  4. I like the header and the theme. But, because the menu takes up 1/5 of the page, it would be nice if it rolled up with the page (like the header) as you scroll down yielding real estate to content. Just my thought.

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