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A Freshen Up

My first proper post of the new year comes at the end of the first month, yes I know that is pretty bad, but there isn’t anything to really say when there are no car shows, (lame excuse time). Is it too late … Continue reading

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Friday The 13th

No, this post is not about a horror film psycho running about generally being a pain in the ass, but more about the horror of a hangover I had this morning! The hangover was from the team night out that was a real good … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To One Man…

One man and his Mustang: One year on… I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to every single one of you who have looked at my pictures, read an article or just laughed at some of the daft situations I … Continue reading

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WordPress Family Award

Again I have been caught slightly off guard with a new award which has just started making the rounds. I am always left a little speechless that: A) I am nominated in the first place. B) I have regular visitors to … Continue reading

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A little R & R

The weekend is almost over and that is the last Bank Holiday before Christmas I am sad to say, an extra day for a weekend now and again makes all the difference. Rest. A little bit of relaxing was the … Continue reading

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Unexpected Bouquet Award

There are not many things that cause me to be speechless because I like to think I have an answer (or a point) for most things.  Today was one of those moments. I was nominated for the Bouquet of Three Award! … Continue reading

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She Moves!

Epic news from the garage. Today was a great day. I pushed the car out of the garage and poured yet another gallon of premium unleaded into the tank. Turned her over for thirty seconds and let it settle. Turned the key … Continue reading

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