Helmingham Hall 2021 (part 2)

So here we are with part 2. I left yesterday post with the feeling of rain, it turned out it was a little drizzle but the dark clouds were closing in. Of course I blamed Craig for the poor weather and was glad that I hadn’t left my hood up for a change. The light drizzle lasted for a ten minutes or so it wasn’t to bad.

We carried on walking around the show individual entries, again in no particular order. At the start here there area couple of rare fords, a Sierra Cosworth and a Lotus Cortina MK2 in a rare colour combination.

I really liked this little Lancia which also caught my eye.

As a kid I had posters and models of this car and always wanted the metallic purple version of this car, the timeless Lamborghini Diablo. Just for a side note – I still want one.

While we are on the subject of iconic cars the Delorean has a cult following mainly due to the Back to the Future films. The gull wing doors being instantly recognisable.

Withese two icons side by side, who won the looks for the doors?

I still say the Diablo has it!

The mix of cars was amazing and some real old timers next to some modern classics, Americana with Brits, Italian with German, it all just worked.

Of course old vs New Mustang to start us off here, with the UK equivalent of the Ford Capri;

That brings us almost to the end of the individual entries as we worked our way back up to the main stand house passing some stalls on the way. Not sure that a car show has room for women’s jewellery hats and scarfs and so on. Is it just to keep the ladies happy while petrol heads wander round? The next post will have some more of Craig’s photos and some rather cute dogs too.

Watch this space for part 3

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4 thoughts on “Helmingham Hall 2021 (part 2)

  1. Wow I was surprised to see the 1967 Ford Custom 2 door post. My grandfather’s last car was a 1967 Ford LTD hardtop sedan, when he passed my mom drove it until 1985. Not many of the seem to have survived so it always catches my eye when one pops up… more so when it pops up across the ocean!
    Great shots all of them!

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