Helmingham Hall 2021 (part 1)

On the first of August this year I had one of my favourite shows and never disappoints is the Helmingham Hall car show. Always fully booked, and awesome settings. Thisyear as there have been quite a few car shows I am seeing the regulars on the scene. So I’m aiming to get different cars to show.

This show I managed to take over three hundred photos. As an extra I had my good friend Craig come with me. He arrived at my house nice and early as I was packing my stuff ready for the day. We loaded up the car and set off for the thirty minute drive to the show. Craig is a member of the SXOC so he managed to us a club stand pass. The club has diversified quite a lot from the initial Nissan SX Owners Club. There are now, Porsche, Jaguar, Mustang, BMW all were welcome etc. The club stand side is always the nicer side of the park. Private entrants on the right hand side of the field, clubs stands on the left.

Always a queue to get in. The best of it was that the side road we needed to emerge from was not getting much sympathy in letting us out. As a massive coincidence one of Craig’s friends in his Porsche flashed us out – what a result as the timing was just perfect. The prediction for the weather was for a nice day, the clouds were looking to say otherwise.

We found the stand half way up the slightly slopped field and parked up nicely.

Craig is avid amateur photographer and took lots of photos of the day too. I have been given permission to use some of his photo’s like this one below. A great moody shot, also the same featured picture at the top which I darkened right down, just because I liked the look of it.

There was a little reorganisation of the stand once everybody who was expected turned up. In the mean time we got out the cloths and gave the cars a quick wipe over. The reorganisation was for the cars to point into the corners of the allotted space and some in the middle to spread it out a bit, instead of a boring straight line.

After a energetic spurt of cleaning we got the chairs out and had a break for a few minutes. As the time got nearer ten o’clock for opening the general car parking fields started to get very busy.

We decided to have a walk round and look at the cars. We decided to look at the private cars first and on the way we passed a couple of club stands and we would do the rest later. Without any order of preference on with the pics;

Along the main entrance path either side were some super cars. Aston’s Ferraris, McLaren, BMW, Porsche, GTR’s etc.

On the private entries i think this was my favourite and amphibious car.

Back to walking around the lines we were back to more familiar vehicles.

After an hour or so we felt it, yep the first drops of rain! This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Due to sheer number of pictures that I took and some of Craig’s along with the loading times, I think this will be best split into three posts. A hundred or so photo’s in each.

Watch this space for parts 2 then part 3!

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5 thoughts on “Helmingham Hall 2021 (part 1)

  1. Awesome photos and so many wonderful cars. One thing I have noticed about your car shows is how much variety you have in the cars at your shows. At our shows here in Utah, we don’t get anywhere near the diversity of cars. Looked like a wonderful show except for the rain.

      1. You are welcome. My dream would be to attend a show in GB, and be able to see more of the classic European models that we just don’t see here at all. I have to say I am surprised by the strong American car following that you have there. I guess fun cars are fun cars everywhere. Thanks again and stay dry!

        1. Hi Tim, car shows are seriously weather dependent here. I attended a show last Sunday where 280 cars were booked in. Post coming soon. Due to the poor less than half turned up. A number of regulars were there l, then venue was great, but the cars wasn’t that good.

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