Chemical Guys – Glossworkz Auto Bath

Cost: £10 for 16oz / 473ml bottle 


Date of Review: 14th august 2016

The Sales Pitch from Chemical Guys:

Chemical Guys Glossworkz Auto Bath

Chemical Guys Glossworkz Gloss Booster and Paintwork Cleanser Auto Bath is a pH balanced gloss enhancing shampoo. It’s not just a soap, it’s a paintwork cleanser designed to pull off dirt and debris while maximizing shine for that show winning finish. Glossworkz is formulated with synthetic slicking agents to allow your wash mitt to glide gently over the surface reducing swirl marks and scratches. This gloss enhancing auto bath is the perfect choice for your weekly maintenance wash. The environmentally friendly formula is free of harsh chemicals making Glossworkz the perfect choice to enhance your wax or sealant that is currently on your vehicle. The gloss enhancing technology helps enhance shine while extending the protection of your wax or sealant. It’s totally safe to use on your entire vehicle and you will love how slick it feels when using this high tech wash shampoo.

  • Superior surface cleanser.
  • Maximizes high gloss shine.
  • Super slick formula for added performance.
  • Safe for wax and sealant.
  • Perfect for two bucket wash or foam cannon.
  • Rinses clean with no residue.
  • Removes grime, build up and dirt.

What You Get:

A single bottle of a bright blue shampoo mix which goes a long, long way. The lid has a lift up tab which seals very well to avoid spills, yet not to difficult to open with wet hands.


Product Description:

A top quality car shampoo with “gloss booster and paintwork cleanser. Auto Bath is a pH balanced gloss enhancing shampoo. It’s not just a soap, it’s a paintwork cleanser designed to pull off dirt and debris while maximizing shine.”


As per the instructions on the bottle you should mix this one ounce to five gallons of water! That is a seriously strong concentrate. I just give a squirt into the bucket and add the water and watch the bubbles go mad! In fact it’s very difficult to see the level of water in the bucket as the bubbles are so dense which resulted me in dipping my hand in the bucket regularly to find the depth of water.



I give the cars (i cleaned two cars on this test, a black car and a metallic grey) a good jet was h to get rid of the loose dirt first then started with the mix into the bucket. As soon as you add the water the bubbles start and they stay there. Not froth up for thirty seconds then vanish a minute later. No matter how many times I put the wash mitt in the water the bubbles were still there, always a good sign.

With the wash mitt soaked I started on the roof (and worked down as you) and I could feel the drag on the paintwork with the first wipe, going back over the same spot I could genuinely feel the “slicking agents” allowing the mitt to glide effortlessly. Easy to feel where you have been or any bits missed. The bubbles will stay on the car during the wash. The gentle agitation of stubborn marks will lift them away from the paint, this far out performed the Simoniz Bug Shifter, click here for that review.


With the car washed I used the jet wash again to rinsed the car down and dried with a large drying towel. The results were an almost waxed look. Just for the sake of it wet the car again with a hose to show the beading as it happened.



With the car dried again it was moved ready for the other bigger car.


The other car after a wash and dry.

Overnight it rained and I took a couple of pics of the beading on the car early in the morning.


Amazing. From the depth of shine you get from the paint after a simple wash and rinse was brilliant. It lifted stubborn insects with a little gentle rubbing. Drying after the rinse left no nasty marks, I love the fact this is PH neutral solution and will not harm existing wax or sealers. In fact this little Smart car has never had a wax applied to it, just the Auto Bath used here. I think the picture speaks for itself. This is by far the best shampoo I have used so far, I have used many in the past of various makes and none come close to this. Wiping the windows left a little smear mark or two, but nothing a glass cleaner didn’t sort out. I do believe that the quality of applicator such as the wash mitt instead of a nasty sponge helps immensely. I don’t own a sponge anymore for washing cars!


Rating: 9 out 10

I am looking for something negative to say about this shampoo…. nope, can’t think of anything.

Ease of use – 10

Finish – 9


I couldn’t find fault with the product and it did what it said it would do. It washed on well and rinsed of great. I found that the beading will start to go after a few weeks and needs another wash to replace that protection again. This isn’t a wax itself, but it performs as well as some of the more rubbish cheap waxes on the market.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I buy it again? Definitely

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