Headlights Area

Headlights and surrounding area


it goes without saying that the most damaged part of the car from ordinary driving around is the front. The stone chips flick up and take tiny digs out of the paint work and can make the car look really battered with only a few marks. My car is no different, the headlight buckets were pitted and the headlight doors suffer the same pits. But time can get the back to pristine condition as well. The only unfortunate thing is that the headlight buckets have suffered the good old war wound they all did. the top part has broken of where there is a tiny strip of metal across the top. I have purchased the repair kit and when I fit the buckets I will use the repair kit and review at a later date.


At the time I started the headlight buckets There was no blog and I didn’t take many pictures as I had no reason to. so I only have the pictures of the buckets in their primer state at the moment. I you look carefully you can see the missing bridge at the top from the round section to the main section of the grill/bonnet section. Why there is such a silly little bit of metal there that breaks is beyond me, I guess it was just a design flaw at the time.

The headlight doors I have just started to do and have some before and after photos and I will update them as I go along. The insides here have not yet been cleaned up ready for paint.

The insides here have been cleaned with POR Marine clean and degreaser. The over spray from the last spray job can be seen quite clearly.

inside after cleaning
inside after cleaning

The insides were sprayed with the first thin coat of self etch primer and allowed to dry before the second coat was applied.

first coat primer
first coat primer
second coat primer
second coat primer
Satin black applied in coats on the primer after twenty four hours
out in the sun for a better look


On-going but I will update as time goes on.

The headlight buckets have still got some tiny blemishes on the front that will require some tiny layers of filler to sort out.

The doors on the back have come out well and should protect from the rust, not that there was any there in the first place. But all the layers can only help.

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